THOUSAND LEAVES CUP IPHYM luminary Herb Achillea millefolium L.

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Yarrow - cut plant pack 250 g

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Used for : intestinal spasms, functional bowel disorder antisp

contains: Yarrow

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    Yarrow - cut plant pack 250 g

    THOUSAND LEAVES CUP IPHYM luminary Herb Achillea millefolium L.

    Latin name: Achillea millefolium L.

    Family: Asteraceae

    Common Names: Grass carpenters, Herb St. John, Military Grass, Grass cutting, Venus Eyebrows, Nose Bleeds

    Parts used: Flowering top

    Origin: Europe, North Africa, North America, Asia

    Properties THOUSAND LEAVES luminary CUP

    The yarrow has anti-inflammatory properties: sesquiterpene lactones called "aromatic bitter" have anti-inflammatory effects. It is a choleretic and anti-hepatotoxic plant. She and gastric prokinetic antidyspeptique. The aqueous extract is antiulcer, without toxicity, with an anti-oxidant effect. It is also an anti-inflammatory colon and biliary tract, thus q choleretic and antispasmodic smooth muscle; there is an inhibitory effect on muscarinic receptors, as well as inhibition of elastase. The yarrow is analgesic and hemostatic. There is a reduction of vascular inflammation. The aqueous alcoholic extract is an anxiolytic. It is also an anti-mutagenic and antioxidant plant. It is anti-pruritic and local softening. There is a antibacterial and antifungal activity and an anti-tumor activity, which is opposed to the cancer cell proliferation in vitro.
    Used in the mucositis induced by chemotherapy, yarrow is antiestrogen by apigenin.

    Indications and uses THOUSAND LEAVES luminary CUP

    yarrow yarrow are used in the following therapeutic indications:

    - Gastrointestinal disorders, intestinal spasms, bloating, cramping, slow digestion

    - Dysmenorrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome antispasmodic, smooth muscle spasms (especially) and skeletal muscle

    - External Healing burns, wounds, ulcers, hemorrhoids, vaginal discharge, periodontal

    Cons-indications and precautions with THOUSAND LEAVES luminary CUP

    - Risk of allergy to Asteraceae

    THOUSAND LEAVES dosage luminary CUP

    - Digestive disorder: Infusion, 30 g of flowered tops / l, 3 cups / day between meals (antispasmodic)

    Botanical description THOUSAND LEAVES luminary CUP

    - Stems furrowed from 40 to 90 cm
    - Leaves sessile jagged and hairy
    - Flowers white or pink flower heads grouped themselves together in corymbs

    THOUSAND LEAVES pharmacology luminary CUP

    Active ingredients: sesquiterpenic lactones, flavonoids, HE, coumarin, derived polyacetylenic, tannins

    Today No. 1 pharmaceutical herbal IPHYM the Group PHARMA & PLANTS is a pharmaceutical company established in 1972, specializing in herbal medicine. Their mission: the well-being of all the plants.

    Its main atous:

    A laboratory Quality Assurance and Quality Control integrated.

    Maximum security: a responsible pharmacist ensures compliance with pharmaceutical regulations.

    Traceability: control form available for all products.

    AFSSAPS Certification: we are regularly verified by the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products, which validates our status as a pharmaceutical laboratory.

    GMP Certification: our production teams are formed with Good Manufacturing Practices.

    Medicinal Plants: Our doctors of pharmacy, training herbalist, have referenced plants from a rigorous selection from around the world and produced in a precise specifications to ensure optimum quality in active ingredients. Our medicines are not processed and their quality is monitored at every stage of their production. Do not mix from different backgrounds, each batch of medicinal plant is uniform in quality. Careful drying and storage of medicinal plants, guarantees impeccable quality. The constant renewal of our stock of medicinal plants guarantees maximum freshness, the best price.

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