Arkopharma Arkofluide BIO SLEEP RELAXATION 20 BULBS 10ml

Arkopharma Arkofluide BIO SLEEP RELAXATION 20 BULBS 10ml View larger



Bulbs Arkofluide BIO RELAXATION SLEEP LABS Arkopharma are food supplements that can restore ease sleep and relaxation that promotes quality sleep.

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    Arkopharma Arkofluide BIO SLEEP RELAXATION 20 BULBS 10ml

    Insomnia are caused by frequent awakenings during the night and great difficulties in falling asleep, leaving the impression that he had not slept during the night: in fact the body rests but only in phases punctuated by short awakenings, causing a difficult lift and a feeling of intense fatigue often due to a significant and painful to live event.

    Bulbs Arkofluide BIO RELAXATION SLEEP LABS Arkopharma, will help the body regain serenity and tranquility that support when falling asleep to recover a peaceful sleep and quality, this product contains:
    Hawthorn Bio
    This plant reduces states of nervousness and anxiety by a hypotensive action which improves blood pressure by dilation of peripheral vessels is sedative on the central nervous system in cases of insomnia and acts on muscle relaxation.
    Passion Bio
    Its sedative action helps to find quality sleep, soothes nervous tension and allows muscle relaxation.
    Melissa Bio
    Melissa treats insomnia and helps to improve sustainable and quality sleep, it acts on the nerves, stress and mood disorders. This promotes a quiet plant digestion by an anti-inflammatory action, which acts on the irritating symptoms.
    Organic Lavender
    Lavender is sedative and hypnotic, it decreases anxiety and signs of depression in order to facilitate the timing of sleep.

    Bulbs Arkofluide BIO RELAXATION SLEEP LABS Arkopharma, will help you find a quality sleep and refreshing, early morning awakenings are dynamic with an intense feeling of rest days are invigorating and productive.
    Usage Tips

    Bulbs Arkofluide BIO RELAXATION SLEEP LABS Arkopharma, are taken at bedtime on a daily basis at the rate of one a day:
    Shake the ampoule before breaking tips.
    Pour the contents of the bulb in half a glass of water and mix.
    Drink this mixture every night.

    Bulbs Arkofluide BIO RELAXATION SLEEP LABS Arkopharma:
    Are dietary supplements and does not replace a varied and balanced diet coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

    Arkopharma pharmaceutical laboratories offer more than 400 references to cover all areas of self-medication in herbal medicine . From health to beauty, we seek the best of nature to help you and treat you every day at the best price.

    Arkopharma , is the first laboratory to be certified ISO 22000 by Bureau Veritas Certification (opinion, design, development, manufacture, storage and distribution of dietary products and food supplements).

    Arkopharma food supplements

    Arkopharma has always used the most modern techniques to allow herbal medicine to become a full-fledged medicine. Since 1985, Arkopharma has been innovating in the production of plant powders and has been setting up an industrial cryobrocessing facility that preserves the completeness and integrity of the active ingredients of the plant in the finished product.

    Arkopharma laboratory specialized in the field of phytotherapy, natural medicines and food supplements

    Source of inspiration, exploration and beauty, nature is at the heart of our activities. For more than 35 years, we have been searching the world for the plants that make up Arkopharma products . More than 600 species have been purchased from nearly 40 countries worldwide.

    The undisputed leader in herbal medicine and the widest range on the market, Arkogélules® offers more than 100 references capable of meeting the most individualized needs and benefits from all the innovations of Arkopharma laboratories. In order to always get the best out of nature, botanical experts are constantly innovating by continually offering new plants .

    Herbal medicine is a medicine in its own right to heal naturally with plants. The fields of action are multiple:

    • the stress,
    • tiredness,
    • mild to moderate depression,
    • infections,
    • inflammatory phenomena,
    • immune disorders,
    • digestion, etc.

    Herbal tea is not the only liquid form through which herbal treatments are administered. Ampoules containing a solution extracted from plants are also increasingly used on the market.

    Find a wide selection of medicinal plants in liquid form: SIPF (Integral Suspensions of Fresh Plants), glycerinated and alcoholic extracts, ampoules (Arkofluide) and tailor-made solutions from pharmaceutical laboratories.

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