CINNAMOMUM CAMPHORA Sieb. essential oil Ravintsara

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CINNAMOMUM CAMPHORA Sieb. essential oil Ravintsara

Essential Oils Phytosun Arôms are 100% pure and natural Botanically and Biochemically Defined

Available in bottles of 15 ML

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    CINNAMOMUM CAMPHORA Sieb. essential oil Ravintsara

    Botanical species


    French name






    Producing organ


    Biochemical specificity

    1,8-cinéole, sabinène, -terpinéol

    Essential oil presentation Ravintsara CINNAMOMUM CAMPHORA Sieb.

    Available in bottles of 15 milliliters

    Produced by the pharmaceutical laboratory Phytosun Arom's or Rosier Davene

    Properties and indications of the essential oil Ravintsara CINNAMOMUM CAMPHORA Sieb.


    Directions for use and dosage of essential oil Ravintsara CINNAMOMUM CAMPHORA Sieb.


    The origins (producing countries) quoted in the specifications of the essential oil <span style=

    Phytosun arôms

    Phytosun arôms has been developing HEBBD Quality Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils and Aromatic Hydrolates for more than 20 years. This guarantee of quality and safety, recognized by pharmacists and doctors, positions Phytosun arôms as a leader in the sector.


    Phytosun arôms is one of the brands of Omega Pharma France laboratories. Phytosun arôms provides all the guarantees of traceability of a pharmaceutical laboratory in the field of natural substances extracted from plants. Phytosun arôms products are subject to very strict pharmaceutical controls and are exclusively distributed in pharmacy and drugstore.

    To meet the changing expectations of consumers, Phytosun arôms launched in 1990 the first finished product of the market: Aesculapius , then continued to develop its range of finished products with Phoebus, Demeter , a range of Oils Care Kiné + , a range of Complexes for Diffusers, a range of Aromatic Baths and a range of Aroma Ampoules .


    PHYTOSUN arôms undertakes to comply with the HEBBD (Botanically and Biochemically Modified Essential Oil), French and / or European Pharmacopoeia and internal standards requirements .

    • Choice of origins, quality of the botanical species and selection of the producer organ of the plant.
    • Quality of the extraction methods used: steam distillation or cold expression.
    • Control of the identity and quality of the Essential Oil by analysis: gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.
    • Guarantee of a 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil: unmodified or diluted, not deterpenated or rectified, not reconstituted.

    Respect the precautions for use specific to each Essential Oil, appearing on the packaging or present on the detailed pages of the site.

    If you have any questions, ask your pharmacist for advice.

    Essential Oil Cinnamomum Camphora Ravintsara on sale in your bio online pharmacy accredited ARS



    Recognized as one of the most interesting essential oils in aromatherapy, Essential Oil Cinnamomum Camphora Ravintsara   is deemed as an antiviral and microbicide and as nerve tonic. It is used for many infections.

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