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Cytolac care is a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, formulated to cleanse, soothe and hydrate the skin with imperfections. Cytolac helps reduce damage microkystes, comedones, papules or pustules kind.

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    Care specifically formulated to meet the needs of oily skin with imperfections (acne, combination skin ...).


    Cytolac Laboratories Cytol Nat is a real care specifically formulated to help clean, soothe and moisturize oily skin with imperfections.

    With Cytolac, oily skin with imperfections are quickly allayed, refined and hydrated.

    Directions for use

    Cytolac Apply 2 times a day (more if necessary) morning and evening to damp skin. Strict adherence is required to achieve the desired results.

    Clean the skin with a previously gentle cleansing base.
    Ban products containing alcohol.


    Cytolac is rich in asiaticoside association madecassic Asian acids and extracts of Centella asiatica, a plant native to India.
    Its recognized role in improving the healing process as well as for its calming and restorative properties.
    Cytolac emulsion oil in water (O / W), helps to restore the skin hydrolipidic film, natural skin barrier.

    Precaution for use

    Clean the skin with a previously gentle washing and dry before application.


    Cytolnat Cytolac Specific Care Cream 50ml tube.

    Our expert advice pharmacy

    Food and acne
    Increase foods rich in vitamin A = beta-carotene (carrots, tomatoes, broccoli) and vitamin B6 H
    Zinc is a trace mineral that helps the body to cleanse toxins.
    Brewer's yeast, rich in vitamins and sulfur would prevent acne problems
    Generally adopt a hypotoxic sober regime. To help your liver to remove toxins, making a depurative cure to treat adult acne.
    Avoid simple carbohydrates (chocolate, candies ...) that promote the growth and retention of sebum.
    A high fat diet (meat, meat sauce, French fries, whole milk ...) also promote acne.
    Avoid wholemeal bread if you are under treatment with zinc: Wholemeal bread contains a high proportion of phytic acid which can form insoluble complexes with many cations: Iron, zinc, calcium inducing eventually a demineralizing effect.
    Vitamin C: For its anti-infective properties, a cure of Vitamin C is useful in the treatment of acne.

    Cytolnat, "natural cytology"

    Cytology ( Greek kutos, cell and logos, speech) is the study of the living cell, in all its aspects.

    In this context, Cytolnat Laboratories have developed and formulated a range with the will and philosophy to meet the following three requirements:

    1. Respect for the balance of cell biology,
    2. Repair of injured skin tissue without any toxicity to the cellular environment
    3. Supply of nutrients to the skin cells concerned, while ensuring the strengthening of their immune defenses.

    Cytolnat products

    The dermatological care of the Cytolnat laboratories are natural products active on the cells of the body, widely prescribed and recommended by the medical community both for their efficiency and for the quality of their composition.

    Cytolnat's products provide effective solutions to everyday problems and help visibly improve the health of skin and hair.

    Find our best dermo-cosmetic products developed for facial care: wrinkle, eye contours, cleansers, scrubs, masks, cleansers, exfoliation, sun protection, anti-spot care, lip care, care of oily skin, normal skin mixed, dry skin and intolerant skin.

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