Care of brown spots, whitening emulsion dermatological depigmentation.

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Used for : depigmentation

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    Care of brown spots, Skin Brightening emulsion.

    Depigmenting care.


    Cytolnat KOJIC is a dermatological lightening emulsion with an undisputed effectiveness in hyperpigmentation, namely:
    • Mask of pregnancy (chloasma residual)
    • Sunspots
    • Stains due to aging (senile lentigo)
    • Stains photosensitivity (medicines, perfume)
    Its action is threefold: preparatory, inhibitory and protective.

    Directions for use

    Cytolnat KOJIC is used daily depending on the sensitivity of the skin. It must be perfectly cleaned beforehand.
    On the face, may be used Cytolnat KOJIC before makeup.


    KOJIC Cytolnat, thanks to its triple action, has a remarkable power thanks to its depigmenting inovante formula:
    Preparatory action: thanks to its formula enriched with Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), Cytolnat KOJIC gum gently dead surface skin rich in melanin cells. This action "soft peeling" prepares the skin, promotes better absorption of active ingredients and increases their effectiveness. The emulsion Cytolnat KOJIC also ensures proper hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis.
    Inhibitory Action: Cytolnat KOJIC contains a combination of four natural active ingredients: vegetable extracts of skullcap (Scutellaria), licorice (Glycyrrhiza), mulberry (Morus) and kojic acid. These assets act synergistically in inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the formation of melanin. Melanin production is well controlled, allowing a slower process of pigmentation. Cytolnat KOJIC does not contain hydroquinone or its glucoside.
    protective action: Cytolnat KOJIC protects the development of cutaneous hyperpigmentation by the action due to anti-aging polyphenols contained in the plant extracts and the shielding solar mineral stains titania.
    KOJIC Cytolnat and promotes visibly mitigation brown spots and reduces the risk of recurrence of hyperpigmentation.

    Precaution for use

    Do not apply the mask. Avoid contact with eyes.
    On the hands, should be re-applied after each wash.

    In case of burning or irritation, flush with water and space applications. Applications are 6 to 8 weeks for maximum effect; then maintenance at a lower frequency applications are recommended.


    Kojic Care Cytolnat brown spots bottle 30ml tube.

    Our expert advice pharmacy

    How to remove facial spots with plants?

    Dandelion (Taraxacum officinalis)
    Decoction of 30 to 60 g of dandelion root per liter at, boil half an hour, then let steep 4 hours. Apply to skin 2/day
    You can also go 2/day fresh dandelion juice on the face and wash 2 times a day with a decoction of the flowers (a handful per cup, boiled 30 min).


    White lily
    étioline the active principle isolated white lilies gives the macerate lily white lightening and unifying virtues for the skin. It eliminates dark spots and stains Old Age.

    Cytolnat, "natural cytology"

    Cytology ( Greek kutos, cell and logos, speech) is the study of the living cell, in all its aspects.

    In this context, Cytolnat Laboratories have developed and formulated a range with the will and philosophy to meet the following three requirements:

    1. Respect for the balance of cell biology,
    2. Repair of injured skin tissue without any toxicity to the cellular environment
    3. Supply of nutrients to the skin cells concerned, while ensuring the strengthening of their immune defenses.

    Cytolnat products

    The dermatological care of the Cytolnat laboratories are natural products active on the cells of the body, widely prescribed and recommended by the medical community both for their efficiency and for the quality of their composition.

    Cytolnat's products provide effective solutions to everyday problems and help visibly improve the health of skin and hair.

    Find our best dermo-cosmetic products developed for facial care: wrinkle, eye contours, cleansers, scrubs, masks, cleansers, exfoliation, sun protection, anti-spot care, lip care, care of oily skin, normal skin mixed, dry skin and intolerant skin.

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