Bach Flower Rock Water 20ml Original ROCK WATER

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Fleurs de Bach ORIGINALFleurs de Bach ORIGINAL

Bach Flower Rock Water 20ml Original ROCK WATER: The Rock Water is for inflexibility and is suitable for people who are sometimes selfless but at the same time are too self-centered. They appear so rigid to themselves that they are going to martyrdom.

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    Bach Flower Rock Water 20ml Original ROCK WATER


    Bach Flower Rock Water - Rock Water Ref. 783 978 6
    Tinted bottle with dropper 20 ml
    Rock Water (Aqua petra)


    Description Bach Flower Rock Water


    Bach Flower Rock Water (Aqua petra): The Rock Water is for inflexibility and suitable for people who sometimes show abnegation but at the same time are too self-centered. They appear so rigid to themselves that they are going to martyrdom. They follow a rigorous physical exercise and diet programs, work routines and spiritual disciplines. They are stubborn and reasoning is guided by ideas and good fixed dogmas on topics such as religion, diet, morality, politics, etc ... They like to be an example to others, but seeking perfection in themselves, they do not impose on others actively, however.

    These people are conscientious in the extreme and very demanding of themselves. They often work too, but never satisfied with what they do. They are selfless and sacrifice and are not happy with themselves if they fail to achieve their ideals.

    The positive potential of Rock Water is expressed by the ability to combine ideals with a flexible mind. The Water-type positive Roche is ready to change his mind and abandon its grand theories if satisfied of a deeper truth. He understood that inner harmony is more powerful than external behavior forced and it allows more freedom in life.


    Dosages Bach Original Flower ROCK WATER Rock Water 20ml


    Add two drops of flowers Bach Rock Water in a glass of water and drink in small sips.
    Keep the dose one time in the mouth before swallowing.
    A repeat until improvement of your discomfort.

    Naturally balance your emotions with the floral essences of the doctor bach , to order in pharmacy at the best price, with the advice and opinion of your pharmacist, expert in Naturopathy .

    The 38 Bach® Original Flowers are a dietary supplement that targets specific emotions and works smoothly to better manage emotional states .

    Bach Flower Bottles have been used for more than 80 years all over the world. Very simple to use, the Original Bach® Flowers in drinkable drops, are natural.

    With no side effects or contraindications, Bach Original Flower Essences can be used by the entire family, including children, pregnant or lactating women and pets (dogs and cats).

    Bach® Original Flowers are the only ones to bear the Bach signature. This guarantees their authenticity and method of manufacture, while respecting nature and the rules elaborated by Edward Bach.

    Without addiction, they are food supplements that should not replace a balanced diet. An emotion = a flower

    The 38 Original Bach® Flowers target all of the individual's transient or regular emotions, and they contribute to emotional harmony on a daily basis.

    Buy Original Bach Flowers and Rescue in your pharmacy

    In 1936, Dr. Edward Bach, anxious to take into account the psychological well-being of his patients, develops a unique and natural method to promote the emotional harmony of each. Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Bach addresses a particular trait or emotional state. To choose your original bach flower, think about your personality and how you feel emotionally.

    Bach Original Flowers are floral elixirs obtained from 100% natural flower essences. They take into account the emotional personality, the feelings and the character of the people, in order to contribute to bring them daily the emotional harmony.

    The Original Bach Flowers from the Famadem laboratory, the French distributor of the Nelsons Group, are made in accordance with the unique and natural method developed by Edward Bach.

    The flowers of Dr. Bach are very effective if you can determine the essence of the emotion that you want to treat. This is not always easy, and it is sometimes useful to be helped by a loved one who will be honest with you, or by a counselor in Bach flowers or a naturopath.

    Discover the full range of original Bach Flowers, including the Rescue Flower Essences. We also suggest you to make your own bespoke Bach blossom blends in our specialized laboratory.

    Also find all our tips on our blog: Discover what flowers bach use to cure sleep disorders and the benefits of bach rescue flowers to pass exams .

    Take advantage of our qualified naturopaths and our advice to choose the floral elixir adapted to your personal situation. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form .

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