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Tetramethrin Antiparasitic powder Clément Thekan is an effective and immediate treatment against the various ectoparasites, its application eradicates fleas and ticks as well as larvae whatever the stage of development.

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Clément Thékan Tetramethrin Anti-Parasitic Powder Cat Dog Rodent Bird 150 g

Clément Thékan tetramethrin antiparasitic powder is recommended for dogs, cats over 2 months old, rodents and birds to fight against ticks, fleas and lice.

Description of Clément Thékan Antiparasitic Powder 150g

Formulated with Tetramethrine, Thékan Antiparasitic Powder can be used without age limit and quickly and effectively eliminates parasites from the animal.

CLEMENT THEKAN TETRAMETHRIN POWDER ANTIPARASITARY from OMEGA PHARMA Laboratories, helps to eradicate parasite infestations in dogs, cats, birds and rodents, this product contains:
Tetramethrin. It is a powerful and effective insecticide which acts by a lethal action on ectoparasites and which then protects the coat of the animal from a new infestation for a week.

Birds can be hosts of certain parasites including ticks, on small sparrows the installation of a tick can be very impressive, because it swells dramatically and can cause a significant gene in the bird and if a hen is able to peck at least two hundred ticks per hour in a fruitful area, it is still a host of choice.

Directions for use with Tetramethrin Antiparasitic Powder

  • CLEMENT THEKAN TETRAMETHRIN ANTI-PARASITE POWDER from OMEGA PHARMA Laboratories, is applied two to three times a week in the event of an invasion and once a week for maintenance and as a preventive measure:
  • Powder the animal against the hair all over the body and hair.
  • Leave to act for ten minutes.
  • Brush all of your pet's hair to remove excess powder.



Precaution of use

  • Do not use in sick or convalescent animals.
  • Do not use in rabbits as sometimes lethal side effects may occur.
  • Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.
  • Do not exceed the prescribed dose.
  • Avoid contact with animal's eyes. Do not spray directly on areas where the skin is damaged.


Formulated with Tetramethrine, Thékan Antiparasitic Powder comes in the form of a 150g bottle.

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