NECKLACE SCALIBOR Anti ticks Anti Sandfly BIG DOG Insecticide 65 CM

NECKLACE SCALIBOR Anti ticks Anti Sandfly BIG DOG Middle Insecticide 65 CM

Scalibor is the only collar containing the insecticide allowing your big dog to be protected against sandfly, responsible for the transmission of leishmaniasis.

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Used for : leishmaniasis prevention, anti-sandfly, anti-tiquesn, anti-sandfly, tick repellent, leishmaniasis prevention

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    NECKLACE SCALIBOR Anti ticks Anti Sandfly BIG DOG Insecticide 65 CM

    Leishmaniasis is a serious disease of dogs, usually fatal. It's a mosquito called sandfly that transmits the dog dog parasite. There is no vaccine against this disease.


    In Europe the disease is mainly present in the Mediterranean. Warming causes an intensification of the latter in more northern areas.

    The first signs are not specific to the disease: hair fall around the eyes and on the muzzle, weight loss. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

    Properties Scalibor Grand Dog Collar

    Scalibor is the only collar containing the insecticide allowing your dog to be protected against sandfly and using technology to provide a product release in the lipid layer of the skin. This release prevents the owner to be in contact with the insecticide by evaporation.

    Scalibor duration of action of Grand Dog Collar

    The collar is effective against sandflies 5 months and 6 months against ticks and Culex mosquitoes.

    Using Scalibor Grand Dog Collar

    Wipe the necklace with a damp cloth to remove excess powder on its surface. Cut the collar to size leaving a space of two fingers between your dog's skin and collar. Wash hands after placement. The optimal efficiency is obtained at the end of a week.

    Precaution with Scalibor Large Dog Collar

    Do not use in puppies under 7 weeks or in a cat.

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