Organic Essential Oil Lemon Litsée PRANAROM 10ml

Organic Essential Oil Lemon Litsée PRANAROM 10ml

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Lemon Litsea citrata Essential Oil - Organic PRANAROM

What is Pranarom Organic Lemon Litsée Essential Oil used for?

Pranarom Organic Essential Oil of Litsée Citronnée is a treasure trove of well-being drawn from the heart of tropical Asia, where Litsée, also known as Exotic Verbena, unfurls its captivating aromas. This oil, extracted by steam distillation of its fruits, is a precious ally for anyone seeking serenity and improved digestive comfort.

Properties and benefits are the hallmarks of lemon litsea oil. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, particularly against Escherichia coli, it acts as a natural shield. Its antifungal action makes it effective against mycosis, while its calming, sedative and anxiolytic properties promote relaxation and combat insomnia and anxiety.

The therapeutic indications for this essential oil are varied. It is particularly useful in the treatment of tendonitis, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well asinsomnia, nervous depression andagitation. It is also recommended for people suffering fromacne, oily skin or candidal mycosis.

Pranarom Organic Lemon Litsée Essential Oil is a must-have in any natural skincare kit. Its multiple properties make it a versatile product, capable of addressing a wide range of discomforts, from the psychic to the physical sphere. Opting for this oil means choosing a path to well-being and health, in harmony with the wonders nature has to offer.

Lemon Litsée is renowned for its calming and relaxing properties. Its pleasant lemon fragrance helps soothe nervous tension and promote mental relaxation. It is ideal for combating stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. A few drops of Lemon Litsée essential oil in a diffuser can create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere in your environment.

In addition to its calming properties, organic Litsée Citronnée essential oil also has tonic and revitalizing virtues. It helps stimulate the nervous system and combat mental and physical fatigue. Used for massage or inhalation, it boosts energy and vitality, ideal for rejuvenating when you're feeling down.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, organic Litsée Citronnée essential oil is effective for purifying air and disinfecting surfaces. It is particularly useful for purifying the atmosphere in living rooms, bedrooms and workspaces. Its purifying action helps eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses, contributing to a healthy, hygienic environment.

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How to use Lemon Litsée Organic Essential Oil?

The use oforganic Litsée Citronnée Essential Oil requires particular attention to dosage and possible synergies. To relieve tendonitis, we recommend diluting this essential oil 10% in arnica vegetable oil before massaging the affected area. This method enables targeted, effective application, optimizing the oil's beneficial effects.

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Precautions for use

These must be scrupulously observed to guarantee not only the efficacy of the product but also the safety of the user. Due to its powerful active ingredients, it is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Furthermore, this oil should never be used pure on the skin(dermocaustic), but always diluted to avoid any risk of irritation. It is for external use only, and foradults only.

What is its composition?

Pranarom Organic Litsée Citronnée Essential Oil is composed mainly of organic Litsée Litsea Cubeba Citrata, a pure, organic essence guaranteeing superior quality. This simple yet powerful composition underlines Pranarom's commitment to excellence and respect for nature.


The 10ml bottle is practical and easy to use, while preserving the oil's properties. The bottle's design also ensures optimal conservation of the essential oil, protecting its volatile components from light and oxidation.

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