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Looking for an effective remedy You cough and it is "fat". First, remember that the cough is a natural reflex of the body's defense which helps to expel unwanted substances. If cough, lungs expel mucus to remove dust and bacteria retained in the lungs. The cough is productive cough, sputum followed by mucus, freeing the respiratory tract. Expectorant drugs can facilitate the evacuation of the airway mucus and fluidification of bronchial secretions.

Several solutions can cure a cough in adults ... For example, taking an expectorant syrup will hydrate and liquefy the mucus so that they come out more quickly (after medical advice because there are cons-indications) and natural solutions (essential oils, herbal capsules, homeopathic cough ...). In infants (under 2 years), know that mucolytics specialties (acetylcysteine carbocisteine) mucofluidifiantes (benzoate meglumine) and helicidine are against-indicated because of the risk of increase of the bronchial obstruction. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice online

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