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Endurance and muscular effort

Sports endurance is characterized by the possibility of maintaining a certain level of intensity over time during a prolonged effort. You practice a sport with long and sustained physical efforts , the muscles must be able to maintain a given effort over time.

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Endurance During sporting effort

Food during exercise is mainly conditioned by the duration and intensity of the latter. Beyond an hour, your body will ask for sugar.
During the effort, it is therefore necessary to preserve the energy stored with the help of a product such as drinks or bars and to adapt its consumption to the duration of the effort. There are different energy products intended to be consumed during sporting activity to optimize sporting performance and avoid pump strokes during exercise.

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Preparation of muscles before exercise

To get the most out of a physical activity, it is important to prepare well. Nutrition is a key factor to properly prepare your effort. To respond effectively to the muscular demands that you ask it during training, your body needs an optimal micronutrient status (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) and a balanced acid-base balance.

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Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the human body. Essential in maintaining performance, preventing fatigue and recovery, they are essential for all athletes.

The natural reserves provided by food are quickly exploited by the body according to the intensity and duration of physical exertion. A regular intake of suitable carbohydrates is essential to allow the body to provide enough energy so as not to be tired. Indispensable for runners, cyclists or triathletes, carbohydrates also have a prominent place in the cycle of muscle energy for strength sports.

The human body is made up of 50% water. Man regulates this level half by food and the other half by water intake. Hydration is a major and central point for all endurance sports.

From glucose to maltodextrin, the choice of carbohydrates used will be important to perfectly meet the needs of the body during exercise.

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