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Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the human body. Essential in maintaining performance, preventing fatigue and recovery, they are essential to all sportsmen.

The natural reserves provided by the diet are quickly exploited by the body according to the intensity and duration of the physical effort. A regular intake of adapted carbohydrates is paramount to allow the body to provide enough energy so as not to suffer fatigue. Essential for riders, cyclists or triathletes, carbohydrates also have a prominent place in the muscle energy cycle for strength sports.

The human body consists of 50% water. The man regulates this level half by the food and the other half by the water supply. Hydration is a major and central point for all endurance sports.

From glucose to maltodextrin, the choice of carbohydrates used will be important to perfectly meet the needs of the body during exercise.

Sports nutrition specialist, EAFIT has developed a complete range of energy products to meet the needs of each sportsman according to his sport.

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