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Royal Jelly in Pharmacy

Royal jelly is a whitish and gelatinous substance secreted by certain glands of young foster bees . It is intended for the feeding of larvae in the first stage of their development and constitutes the exclusive diet of queens throughout their existence. Also called "bee milk", it contains 50% to 65% water and many other substances, including:
- sugars (15%), mainly fructose and glucose;
- proteins (from 18% to 13%);
- fat (from 3% to 6%);
- minerals (1.5%);
- vitamins, especially those of group B, in particular B1 and B5;
- trace elements (minerals in the form of traces).

The royal jelly is a natural strengthener is therefore very indicated in case of great fatigue, in prevention of it or if you have repeated infections (cold, bronchitis, sinusitis, ...). Royal jelly comes in different forms: ampoules, capsules or   clean   (In a small pot to keep in the refrigerator).

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