Vitaflor Organic Royal Jelly 1800mg 20 Vials

Vitaflor Organic Royal Jelly 1800mg 20 Vials

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Vitaflor Royal Jelly 1800 mg Organic is the key to strengthening your immune system and revitalizing your body. Discover this exceptional product in our online pharmacy today!

What is Vitaflor Organic Royal Jelly 1800mg used for?

If you're looking for a natural way to boost your well-being and strengthen your immune system, Vitaflor Organic Royal Jelly 1800mg 20 Ampoules is the answer to your needs. This formula, based onorganically-produced royal jelly, is a real nugget for your health.

The Unique Power of Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is an extraordinary substance produced exclusively by bees. In the hive, it feeds not only the bee larvae, but also the queen, who lives an average of 5 years thanks to this exceptional nutrition, while her subjects live an average of just 45 days. This remarkable disparity in longevity speaks volumes about the benefits of royal jelly.

What makes royal jelly so special is its content of a unique compound called 10-hydroxydecanoic acid (10-HDA), abbreviated to D-HDA. This totally unique lipid is found exclusively in royal jelly, giving it exceptional qualities. Each ampoule of Vitaflor Gelée Royale 1800 mg Bio contains an impressive 1800 mg of royal jelly with a 10-HDA titration of 23 mg. This means you get the very best of royal j elly for your well-being.

What are the benefits of royal jelly?

The benefits of Vitaflor Royal Jelly 1800 mg Organic are manifold, helping to improve your overall health. Here's an overview of the benefits of this exceptional product:

Strengthening the immune system

Royal jelly is renowned for its immune-boosting properties. It provides your body with the essential nutrients it needs to cope with external aggression. By taking Vitaflor Royal Jelly 1800 mg Organic on a regular basis, you help your body to better defend itself against infection and disease.

Revitalization and stimulation

One of the most impressive aspects of royal jelly is its invigorating and stimulating power. You'll feel more energetic and alert, which is particularly beneficial on busy days. Fatigue will no longer have such a hold on you, allowing you to make the most of every moment.

No-compromise organic quality

Vitaflor Royal Jelly 1800 mg Organic stands out for its impeccable quality. It is formulated from organically grown royal jelly, which guarantees that no pesticides or harmful chemicals have been used in its production. What's more, this product contains no preservatives or added sugar, making it a healthy choice for your body.

Why choose rûche products for your health?

In short, Vitaflor Royal Jelly 1800 mg Organic is much more than just a dietary supplement. It's a source of natural vitality that strengthens your immune system, revitalizes and stimulates you. Its unique formula, combined with unrivalled organic quality, makes it a wise choice for your health.

Don't wait any longer to take care of yourself. Discover Vitaflor Royal Jelly 1800 mg Organic today and give your body what it deserves. You deserve the best, and this exceptional product is here to help you achieve it.

How do I use these royal jelly ampoules?

Vitaflor Royal Jelly 1800 mg Organic is easy to use. Take one ampoule every morning at breakfast, either undiluted or diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice. Be sure to shake the ampoule well and break off the tips before diluting in the liquid of your choice. Due to the natural nature of the product, a slight deposit may sometimes appear, so don't forget to shake the ampoule before opening it.

What are the side effects and contraindications?

  • Vitaflor Royal Jelly 1800 mg Organic is for adults only.
  • It is important to keep it away from heat and light to preserve its quality.
  • Moreover, if you are allergic to hive products, it is preferable not to consume this product.

Give your opinion on the advice for use and dosage of Vitaflor Bio Gelée Royale 1800mg 20 Ampoules with our partner Verified opinions after your purchase.

What is the composition of this Royal Jelly-based supplement?

The ingredients of Vitaflor Organic Royal Jelly 1800mg are simple and natural, yet 100% organic. Each ampoule contains the following elements

  • Purified water
  • Royal Jelly 1800 mg
  • Concentrated pineapple juice
  • Thickener: acacia gum


Each box of Vitaflor Gelée Royale 1800 mg Bio has been meticulously designed to contain 20 separate ampoules, each containing a generous 10 ml of top-quality royal jelly. This energizing, natural and organic food supplement is available at the best price in our online pharmacy.

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