Arkopharma Arko Royale Organic Royal Jelly 1500mg 20 vials 10ml

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Arkopharma Arko Royale Organic Royal Jelly 1500 mg in ampoules, helps you fight against seasonal ailments.

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What is Arkopharma Arko Royale Organic Royal Jelly 1500mg used for?

Royal Jelly is a concentrate of benefits from nature, rich in vitamins and trace elements . This dietary supplement contains carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, amino acids, many minerals (copper, iron, phosphorus, etc.), group B vitamins (B1, B5, folic acid) as well as biotin .

Royal jelly provides phosphorus and choline, real memory activators. The freeze-dried form makes it possible to preserve all of the vital active ingredients and to maintain their qualities until digestion.

Royal jelly is a treasure of nature. Royal jelly is a substance secreted by nurse bees to exclusively feed their queens. This marvelous food gives it a longevity 40 times greater than that of worker bees and a surprising productivity. These Arkopharma Arko Royale Organic Royal Jelly 1500 mg ampoules are ideal for all ages and provide you with a dose of 1500 mg of organic royal jelly per day.

How to properly use Arkopharma Arko Royale Organic Royal Jelly 1500 mg 20 vials 10 ml?

Take one ampoule in the morning with breakfast, preferably diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice (200 ml). It is possible to renew the use several times in the year. Given the natural character of the product, a slight deposit may appear. For this reason, it is advisable to shake the ampoule before diluting it. To avoid the possible fall of ampoule debris into the liquid, do not break the ampoule above the glass.

What is the composition of Arkopharma Arko Royale Organic Royal Jelly 1500mg 20 vials 10ml?

Arkopharma Arko Royale Organic Royal Jelly 1500mg is formulated with:

Water, Royal Jelly**, Wheat Syrup**, Honey**, Concentrated Orange Juice** (Citrus sinensis (L.) Obseck).

**ingredients of agricultural origin obtained according to the organic production method.

What are the side effects and contraindications?

Keep out of reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. A food supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for people allergic or sensitive to any of the constituents.


Arko Royale Organic Royal Jelly 1500mg Arkopharma comes in the form of a box containing 20 vials of 10ml.

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