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Cranberry in Pharmacy

Also called cranberry or cranberry, the cranberry is a small red berry. Cranberries are often associated with dried beverages or berries added to cakes, but few know that it is not only a food that has been used for food and medicine, but also for making clothing dyes And blankets by the Amerindians.

The virtues of cranberry are numerous and not only in case of cystitis, even if it is the most common use.
Each year 2 million women suffer from cystitis. Painful and disabling, this mostly benign infection does not have preventive treatment in classical medicine. In the event of a crisis, the only recourse is antibiotics.

Unique, wild and natural, cranberries are very rich in phyto-nutrients (plant compounds of natural origin), including proanthocyanidin antioxidants that are essential for overall well-being. These bays also contain many substances that could offer protection against dental caries , urinary tract infections and inflammatory diseases.

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