Flamigel wounds and burns is a gel for the treatment of small wounds. Flamigel® creates a moist environment, which speeds healing by up to 40%.

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Used for : burns, hair removal, peeling, laser, radio frequency, injections, cuts

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    Juniper Ialugen healing cream hyaluronic acid 50ml

    What Flamigel®?

    The No.1 for wound care

    A wound heals faster without crust (up 40%).


    This refreshing gel prevents crusting and can be used on dry or moist wound:

    Flamigel transforms dry wounds in moist wound (effect "hydrogel"). The dry wound absorbs the water contained in Flamigel.
    However, in case of moist wound, Flamigel absorbs excess liquid.
    Thus, a wound treated with Flamigel always has an optimal moisture level, heals faster and prevents scarring.

    Using advice and opinion on Flamigel wounds and burns

    • Scratched
    • Cuts
    • 1st degree burns (skin red, painful, dry, skin "peels", possibly small blisters)
    • Sunburn

    Flamigel® can also be used in pregnant women and young children safely.

    Apply Flamigel® 1x to 2x daily.
    Apply in case of sunburn, Flamigel® 4x 6x daily. In this case, do not cover Flamigel®, but let penetrate the skin.

    Flamigel composition of wounds and burns

    Cetearyl octanoate, 1.08 g, stearyl heptanoate 3.21 g arginine 0.49 g, carbopol 940, nipagin, Nipasol, purified water.

    Precaution of use

    External use
    Store at a temperature below 25 ° C.


    Flamigel wounds and burns is in the form of a 50 g tube.

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Until recently, it was assumed that to heal wounds, it was disinfected thoroughly and regularly to dry them quickly to favor the formation of a scab.

    But the formation of this crust:

    slowed healing
    increases the risk of scarring
    does not protect against infection
    limits mobility

    Clean. Proper care begins with cleansing of the wound. Rinse under running water or with the cleaner for FLAMIRINS® wounds.
    Treat. Hold then the moisture of the wound using an ointment promoting healing
    Cover. And finally, cover the wound with a sterile bandage. Do not forget to change it every day!

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