ALVITYL 11 Vitamins Syrup 150ml URGO

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ALVITYL 11 Vitamins from Pharmaceutical Laboratories URGO is a food supplement intended for children from 3 years old and allowing to reboost the body in case of temporary fatigue, a growth spurt, or after an infectious episode.

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    Our body needs to function well of substances such as vitamins: they preserve shape and tone. In some cases, the daily requirements of vitamins are not provided in sufficient quantities by the diet. It is for this reason that URGO Laboratories have formulated the ALVITYL syrup, the vitamin content of which makes it possible to meet the needs of the organism.

    Properties of Alvityl multivitamin syrup

    ALVITYL Syrup contains 11 Vitamins that ensure good muscular and intellectual functioning.

    Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12, C, D3 and E are effective in helping the body to transform proteins, lipids and carbohydrates into energy.

    Results of Alvityl multivitamin syrup

    ALVITYL Syrup is ideal for children from 3 years old to allow them to regain shape and vitality.

    Indeed, the formula of Alvityl Sirop associates 11 complementary vitamins for:

    Better use the energy and nutrients of foods consumed: during periods of sustained activity, growth, lack of appetite or unbalanced diet, it is important to take advantage of the best diet. Vitamins B2, B3 and B5 work together to make the best use of food resources.
    Ensure the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems: vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12 and C make it possible to ensure physical form and vitality (tonus, energy) and intellect (memory, concentration).
    Help strengthen bones and teeth: B, A, D and E vitamins are necessary for proper balance of bones and teeth.

    How to use Alvityl multivitamin syrup

    Alvityl Syrup can be given from the age of 3 years according to the following dosages

    Children from 3 to 6 years: 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per day.

    Children from 6 years, teenagers and adults: 2 teaspoons (10 ml) per day.

    Precaution of use of the multivitamin syrup Alvityl

    Shake the bottle before use.
    Do not tilt the bottle while in use.
    Press the orange nozzle until the spoon is full, then remove the pressure by removing the finger from the nozzle.
    Rinse the nozzle and tip with water after use.

    Composition of Alvityl multivitamin syrup

    Average analysis for 5 ml:

    Quantity /% AJR *
    Vitamin A μg 400 50
    Vitamin B1 mg 0.55 50
    Vitamin B2 m 0.7 50
    Vitamin B3 (PP) mg 8 50
    Vitamin B5 mg 3 50
    Vitamin B6 mg 0.7 50
    Vitamin B8 mg 0.025 50
    Vitamin B12 μg 1.25 50
    Vitamin C mg 40 50
    Vitamin D3 μg 2.5 50
    Vitamin E mg 6 50
    *Recommended daily allowance.

    Sucrose solution (liquid sugar), purified water, Thickener: Dehydrated glucose syrup, Acidity corrector: Sodium hydroxide, Emulsifier: Polysorbate 80, Preservatives: Sorbic acid, Sodium methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Plum aroma.

    Forms, Presentations of Alvityl multivitamin syrup

    Syrup (plum flavor): 150 ml pressurized bottle, with tip (ACL 4493471).

    Learn more about Alvityl multivitamin syrup

    A daily intake of vitamins is necessary for the body and particularly in the growing child and active adult. A balanced diet is necessary to cover the needs of vitamins if not certain signs appearing: fatigue, loss of vitality, infections with repetitions.
    Alvityl Syrup contains 11 vitamins. Its formula takes into account the Recommended Daily Intakes and allows to meet the daily needs of vitamins, in addition to a varied and balanced diet. Alvityl syrup helps to regain form and vitality.

    Indeed, a balanced diet is necessary to cover the needs of vitamins, if not certain signs may appear: fatigue, decrease of vitality, infections with repetitions. Certain deficiencies in vitamins can also occur following an unbalanced or insufficient diet (diet, lack of appetite). Alvityl Syrup helps to maintain shape, balance and vitality.

    Alvityl ®, Multivitamin Food Supplements

    A small gesture for the whole family

    For more than 50 years, the Alvityl® brand embodies the French know-how and professional expertise of multivitamin food supplements.

    Alvityl® supports families on a daily basis to help their child grow well and helps adults to be fit. Our exclusive and comprehensive formulas meet the specific needs of every child, regardless of age, to adults and seniors.

    A small gesture for the whole family

    Today Alvityl® offers a range of complete formulas to provide every day the right dose of vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

    Galenics adapted to all ages and all needs: the syrup is particularly suitable for young children and people with difficulty swallowing. The tablets are privileged for teenagers and adults. For a mobile solution, some Alvityl® solutions are in small vials or bags to carry.

    The Alvityl® ranges

    Alvityl ® offers a range of products that meets the needs of its consumers

    Alvityl ® Vitality

    Growth, convalescence or cold are some of the times that challenge and tire the body. An unbalanced diet or lack of appetite does not cover 100% daily needs. Alvityl ® Vitality brings us a vitamin intake to find form and vitality.

    Alvityl ® Defenses

    Throughout the year, especially in winter, the organization has to deal with external aggression. Healing periods can be long and difficult. Alvityl ® Defenses a contribution to help the body's immune system.

    Alvityl ® Boost

    The body is sometimes strained throughout the year, especially in children. During the change of seasons, of the Return and according to the school rhythm, with the approach of the holidays. Alvityl ® Boost brings a little help to get back on track quickly.

    Alvityl ® Memory and Concentration

    At the time of examinations and assessments, teens and young adults use their memory and need to stay focused. They can then rely on Alvityl ® Memory and Concentration to help them pass these important caps.

    Alvityl ® Transit

    Children may have disturbed and slow bowel movements. Food is the main regulator, Alvityl ® Transit provides a fiber supplement and assets known to promote good intestinal transit.

    Vitamins and minerals are substances present in small amounts in food. They are called essential because the body can not manufacture them itself, so it must get them from food. Vitamins and minerals play key roles in the functioning of our body: they allow our vital energy to manage and participate in the growth and maintenance of our body.

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