Propolia PROPOLIS SOLUTION Clove & Cinnamon 30 mL

Propolia PROPOLIS SOLUTION Clove & Cinnamon 30 mL View larger


Propolia FrancePropolia France

Propolia SOLUTION PROPOLIS Clove & Cinnamon 30 mL in our pharmacy bio, Comment on advice for use and dosage with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

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Used for : toothache, carrie, skin lesions, carrie, toothache

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    Propolia PROPOLIS SOLUTION Clove & Cinnamon 30 mL

    This solution can be used to maintain and cleanse your mouth or treat your gingivitis, canker sores, caries ... It can also be applied directly to the skin in case of small skin lesions, redness, burns, scars etc ... or be used externally in case of inflammation of the ear.

    aDescription of Propolia PROPOLIS SOLUTION Clove & Cinnamon 30 mL

    This solution contains several assets such as: propolis, honey and essential oils of Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary , to act on the cleansing of your mouth and / or skin thanks to their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and calming properties.

    Advice for use and dosage

    Shake before use. On your gums, apply the Solution locally with the pipette and let the product work. To maintain and cleanse your mouth, mix 1 to 3 pipettes in a small glass of water to make your mouthwash. To soothe your skin, apply and spread the product locally and let it dry.

    Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage of Propolia SOLUTION PROPOLIS Clove & Cinnamon 30 mL with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.


    Alcohol (Alcohol), Aqua (Water), Propolis Cera (Pure Propolis), Mel (Honey), Cinnamomum Cassia leaf oil (Cinnamon essential oil), Eugenia Caryophyllus bud oil (Clove essential oil), Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil (Oil Rosemary essential oil), Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate, Benzyl cinnamate, Benzyl salicylate, Cinnamyl alcohol, Cinnamal, Coumarin, Eugenol, Limonene, Linalool.

    Precaution of use

    Do not use in people with allergies to bee products, pregnant women and children under 6 years. Keep out of reach of young children. Avoid contact with eyes. May stain clothes. Keep away from heat and moisture. Can be applied pure.

    Presentation of Propolia SOLUTION OF PROPOLIS Clove & Cinnamon 30 mL

    30 ml glass bottle with pipette.

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    Small +:

    . Propolis Label France

    . Solution guaranteed without alcohol

    . Without ogm, synthetic ingredients, dyes, fragrances or synthetic preservatives

    . Oily form very pleasant for a gentle application

    . Ideal moisturizing formula to prevent dry skin

    .21% pure hive products (propolis and honey) for synergistic healing and anti-inflammatory action

    . Bottle with pipette for targeted topical application

    Beekeepers from generation to generation, Apimab Laboratoires was founded in 1979 on the mastery of a specialized and unique know-how: the purification and the extraction of Propolis. The extracts (liquids and powders) of propolis whose quality is recognized by many laboratories have thus become the active base of their therapeutic and cosmetic specialties. Since 2007, Apimab Laboratories has made the choice to develop certified organic products that respect biodiversity. Their products, partly derived from organic farming, have been formulated to meet a growing demand for environmental issues.

    The Propolia brand has been developed in this way, the propolis used is rigorously selected and controlled. Concerned about a lasting commitment, the suppliers of the laboratory are all French, so the finished products resulting from the transformation of propolis are also formulated, manufactured and packaged in France . The ingredients in Propolia products used are honey, royal jelly, pollen, wax and especially propolis. Aware of the value of hive products, and respectful of beekeeping and bees, Propolia is committed to the UNAF (French Union of Apiculturists of France), and also to " The Friends of the museum of the Opal Bee "which helps the poorest inhabitants of Madagascar.

    Propolis in Pharmacy

    Vegetable material produced by bees to ensure the asepsis of their hive, propolis , pure or liquid, is renowned since antiquity for its beneficial effects in the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases. Propolis helps boost our immune system , fight against infections and also has an antiseptic and purifying action on the skin.
    Propolis has the following properties :

    • Antiseptic and antibiotic properties
    • Healing and anti-inflammatory properties
    • Analgesic properties
    • Antioxidant properties

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