Environment Allergoforce Spray is an effective and natural formula to help hunt mites.
Environment Allergoforce Spray eliminates sources of allergies and discomfort such as stuffy nose and watery eyes.

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Pranarôm Environment Science Allergoforce Spray 150 ml helps you hunt mites and eliminate sources of allergies and their inconvenience (stuffy nose, watery eyes ...).
It is composed of essential oils of Cinnamon, Lemongrass and Peppermint, known for their anti-mite and antiparasitic properties.

Warning: This product is an aerosol, it can not be shipped only to the countries of the European Union and Switzerland.

Properties Allergoforce Bio Spray Environment Pranarom

Environment Allergoforce Spray is an effective and natural formula to help:
- Hunting mites
- Eliminate sources of allergies and discomfort (stuffy nose, watery eyes ...
Its total as well as preventive and curative actions efficiency have been tested and proven in independent laboratory.
In summary: acaricide effect within 8 hours: 100% mortality of mites (adults, larvae and eggs).
Duration of action: 1 month.
- Spray without propellant.
- Swivel 360 °.

Use Bio Spray Allergoforce Environment Pranarôm advice

Spray at 30 cm for a few seconds (for any medium: mattress, duvet, pillow, plush carpets, curtains ...). Vacuum and ventilate if possible one hour after. Repeat once a week.

Composition of Bio Spray Allergoforce Environment Pranarom

Essential oil of cinnamon (bark and leaf), essential oil of lemongrass and peppermint essential oil known for their anti-mite properties and general pest control with sweet orange essential oil, essential oil of Melaleuca, and essential oil of citronella Madagascar (ahibero).
Isopropyl Alcohol, Cinnamomum zeylanicum Leaf Oil (Cinnamon), Mentha Piperita Oil (Pepermunt), Citrus Sinensis Peel Oil Expressed (Zoete Sinaasappel), Cymbopogon citratus Leaf Oil (Lemongrass), Melaleuca quinquinervia Oil (Melaleuca), Cymbopogon giganteus Oil (Citronnella Van Madagascar ), Cinnamomum Cassia Oil (Chinese Kaneelboom).

Special precautions for Bio Spray Allergoforce Environment Pranarôm

- Do not swallow and do not apply to sensitive mucous membranes.

- Leave the room after spraying.
- Wash hands after use.
- Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
- Avoid handling by pregnant or lactating women.
- Keep out of reach of young children.

Learn more about Bio Spray Allergoforce Environment Pranarom

- For media: mattresses, bedding, pillow, plush carpets, curtains, ...
- Spray 30 cm for a few seconds (10 to 15 sec for a mattress for example).
- 1 hour, vacuum if possible and ventilate the room.
- Repeat 1 time per week.

Label CTEO of Pranarom Allergoforce Spray environment guarantees:

  • distilled plant botanically certified.
  • distilled the specified plant part.
  • a defined chemotype.
  • a steam distillation of water quality
  • So you can be sure to have an essential oil:
  • 100% natural, non-denatured synthetic components, oils or by mineral spirits.
  • 100% pure, uncut with other essential oils, fatty alcohols or oils.
  • 100% Total, unbleached, non peroxidized, not deterpenated not corrected.
  • This is achieved because Pranarom is:
  • Direct supply from producers of confidence following lines lines Pranarom.
  • A systematic quality control.
  • A team of passionate researchers specializing in scientific aromatherapy.

Pranarôm International is a family laboratory has built a leading position in the field of scientific aromatherapy. Belgium-based International Pranarôm is a serious reference for quality essential oils chemotyped throughout Europe as well as around the world where its aromatherapy products are distributed.

Pranarôm the name was chosen for its double meaning:
- Prana means "breath of life" (Indian version of Chi) that breath is the beginning of all action and decision is the essential energy.

- Arom who just Aromate. The term "aromatic" any aromatic plant which is extracted essential oils.
Pranarôm, breath of life (overall health) provided by essential oils, plants quintessential aromatiques.Le HECT label guarantees:
- A botanically certified distilled plant

- Distilled part of the specified plant

- A defined chemotype

- A steam distillation quality water

This label ensures an essential oil:
100% NATURAL, non-denatured synthetic components, oils or with mineral spirits, 100% Pure, uncut with other essential oils, fatty oils or alcohols; 100% TOTAL, unbleached, non peroxidised not deterpenated and not rectified.
Pranarôm quality is:
- Direct supply from reputable producers that follow the lines of pipes Pranarôm.

- A systematic quality control.

- A team of passionate researchers, specialized in scientific aromatherapy.

Pranarom cheap in your online pharmacy Bio

Pranarom cheap Pranarôm The laboratory was founded in 1975 by Pierre Franchomme. The quality of essential oils and plant PRANAROM make the reputation of the Belgian brand.

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