Bicare Plus Gifrer Baking Soda + Bromelain


BICARE PLUS GIFRER Baking Soda + Bromelain is a dental powder that helps restore whiteness to your teeth and reduces plaque and tartar.

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Used for : caries, plaque, scale

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    Bicare Plus Gifrer Baking Soda + Bromelain

    Bicare Gifrer® Plus, Whitening Mouthwashing Powder contains two active ingredients ( sodium bicarbonate and bromelain ) that work synergistically to achieve a double whitening action (reduces surface staining on teeth caused by tea, coffee and tobacco), anti-plaque and anti-tartar .

    Description of bicare plus gifrer

    Bicare + dental powder helps eliminate plaque and tartar and tones the gums. Bicare + fights against the formation of caries and tones your gums. Bicare + is a very gentle oral hygiene care, easy to use daily.

    • Baking soda is known to neutralize acidity. As such, it prevents bacterial growth and thus helps prevent cavities.
    • Bromelain is an enzyme that attacks food residues in the dental interstices responsible for the formation of plaque and tartar.

    Using advice and reviews on bicare plus gifrer

    Bicare + is a dental powder that acts without aggressiveness by neutralizing the acidity caused by plaque bacteria and thus prevents the formation of caries. Pour a small amount of Bicare over a damp brush or toothpaste and use daily.

    Composition of b icare plus gifrer whitening dental powder

    Sodium bicarbonate, Bromelain, Lactose, Aroma

    Precaution of use with bicare plus

    The synergistic action with sodium bicarbonate and bromelain effectively combats plaque and reduces surface staining caused by tea, coffee and tobacco.

    For people with significant dental sensitivities, it is recommended that you do not use this dental whitening powder too frequently.

    Presentation of bicare plus

    Bottle of 60 grams

    Our opinion of pharmacy experts on dental powders

    Why use dental powders?

    Mainly to cleanse or whiten your teeth and keep teeth and gums healthy.

    For a perfect oral hygiene , we remind you that you must brush your teeth carefully, three times a day (2 to 3 minutes each time), with your toothpaste adapted to your needs. If you want to whiten your teeth at all costs, opt for a special toothpaste "white teeth".

    Complete this treatment by placing the baking soda powder on your brush and scrubbing again.

    In addition, make a mouthwash a week.

    After each meal, use your wire or dental brush that slips between your teeth and tracks any stubborn food.

    To have beautiful white teeth , avoid smoking and consuming too much tea and coffee. Indeed, lasting exposure to these dyes product causes the appearance of dental stains difficult to leave without a suitable whiteness treatment.

    As a reminder, dental plaque (or tartar deposit) is a thin white or yellowish film that is placed on the teeth after each meal. It is made up of food residues and bacteria.
    When tartar is not removed regularly, plaque can solidify and cause caries or gum disease (gingivitis) and mouth.

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