Polident Fixation Strong Dental Appliance Adhesive Cream 40G

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Polident Fixative Cream Corega Neutral Gout for dental devices (dentures, prostheses ...), to guarantee an immediate, powerful and long-lasting adhesion of the dental prosthesis.

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    Polident Fix Strong Fixative Cream Zinc-Free Neutral Gout 40G

    Non-water soluble super-powerful dental cream. Long-lasting adhesion for all resin and metal prostheses and dentures at the bottom without bone relief, flat gums.

    Corega Polident Zinc-free Original Fixative Cream for dental appliances (dentures, prostheses ...), Fixed in 3D with an Anti-particles action to guarantee an immediate, powerful and long lasting adhesion.

    Neutral taste and Zinc free adhesive cream for dental appliances, to protect the gums with the formation of a protective barrier by forming an adhesive cushion, between the gums and the appliance, to prevent the infiltration of food particles and to help preserve the gums against irritations related to the friction of the device on the mucous membranes.

    Description of Polident Fixative Cream

    Polident Original Fixative Cream Strong Fixing All Day in 3D and Anti-Particle
    Polident Dental Fixative Cream allows you to eat and drink with confidence:

    • It ensures a strong fixation all the day.
    • It helps prevent the infiltration of food particles by forming a protective barrier between the appliance and the gum.
    • And its precision tip facilitates its application.

    Adhesive adhesive for dental devices (dentures, prostheses ...), to guarantee an immediate, powerful and long-lasting adhesion of the dental prosthesis.

    Application advice and opinion on Polident Fixation Strong Dental Appliance Adhesive Cream 40G

    Application of Polident Fixative Cream

    1. Clean your appliance and dry it.
    2. Apply Polident Original Cream in short strips away from the edges.
    3. Apply the cream in short strips away from the edges.
    4. Replace the unit by holding it firmly in place and bite for a few seconds to secure.

    Removal of the dental appliance and cleaning with Polident

    1. Rinse your mouth with water.
    2. Gently remove the device using a back and forth motion.
    3. Remove cream residue from your appliance and mouth with lukewarm water and a soft brush.
    4. Clean the device thoroughly with Polident cleansing tablets daily and rinse with water.

    When using for the first time, start with a small amount of Polident Original Cream. Increase the amount if needed. Too much cream can cause an overflow, decrease the dose if this happens. Finding the right amount can take a little time. Use once a day. If you need to apply more frequently, ask your dentist for advice. Keep the cap and tip dry so that the hole does not become clogged. Some people may be allergic to this product. In case of allergic reaction or discomfort, stop using immediately. When used as directed, ingestion of small amounts of cream may occur and is not harmful. A poorly fitting device can be detrimental to your health.

    Consult your dentist regularly. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Store in a cool, dry place.


    - PVM / MA copolymer salts or poly (methyl vinyl ether / maleic acid) sodium calcium
    - Cellulose gum
    - Vaseline
    - Liquid paraffin
    - Dyes
    - Preservatives: methylparaben, ethylparaben

    Caution for use with Polident Fixative Cream

    Avoid any contact of the tip of the tube with water. Close well after use.

    Presentation of Polident Fixation Forte

    40g tube

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Clean the dental appliance thoroughly: wash and allow to dry.
    Place the fixative cream in spots on the device, avoiding the edges.
    Avoid the surplus.
    Put the appliance back in the mouth, holding it firmly for a few seconds, tightening the teeth.
    Wait a few minutes before eating or drinking.

    Oral hygiene: Check out our entire product offering toothbrushes, mouthwash, toothpaste, denture fixative cream in the radius of your Health care and pharmacy organic in nature.

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