FUMITORY PLANT CUT IPHYM Herbalism Fumaria officinalis L.

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FUMITORY PLANT CUT IPHYM Herbalism Fumaria officinalis L.

The infusion of fumeterre is recommended in cases of gallstones and liver migraines.

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Partners with: Bepanthensensicalm Cream Anti-itch Eczema Bayer

Used for : asthma, eczema, acne, herpes, dartres, drainage kidney

contains: fumitory

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    FUMITORY PLANT CUT IPHYM Herbalism Fumaria officinalis L.

    Fumaria officinalis L.
    Family: Fumariaceae
    Other names: Fiel Earth, Flower of land Soup wine géline foot, beat milk, Grass yellows, Red Shoe, Poison widow, piss blood soupauvin.

    Features: common plant in France, which grows in the walls, waste places. It is found in Europe, Asia, Africa.

    Fumaria prima comes from the Latin, "earth", "smoke" earth ", the plant appears out of the ground like smoke.

    Properties Fumeterre

    Diuretic, tonic, depurative, the fumeterre must be part of the plants to take in the spring and fall. Its diuretic effect recommend it to facilitate drainage of the kidneys. His property is effective for ten days, then it becomes calming if treatment is prolonged.

    - Diuretic, laxative (potassium salts)
    - Amphocholérétique
    - Anti-inflammatory

    Indications Fumeterre

    Purifying the fumeterre gives a nice skin tone, fight all diseases of the skin, sores, eczema, herpes, acne.

    - Eczema
    - Hypertension
    - Asthma

    Fumitory is an excellent drug biliary tract, it regulates secretion (amphocholérétique).

    The infusion of fumeterre is recommended in cases of gallstones and liver migraines.

    It is also a cardiotonic, cholagogue, antispasmodic, respiratory stimulant.

    Dosing Fumeterre

    Warning: high dose and during prolonged use, there is a hypotonisante action slimming; with risk of hemolysis.

    - Used in biliary diseases as regulator hepatobiliary
    Infusion: 10 g / l, infuse 10 minutes, 1 cup / day, max 10 days / month

    T he advice of our pharmacist herbalist to extract active ingredients from plants:

    How to make an infusion easily

    For flowers, leaves, berries and seeds for essential oil.

    • Pour 500 ml of boiling water (removed from the heat as soon as boiling) 1 tsp. Coffee (3-5 g) of medicinal plant (or mixture of plants), then cover.
    • Let steep for 3 to 5 minutes for fresh plants, and 5 to 15 minutes to dry plants.
    • Strain and drink the tea hot or not after adding a bit of honey or natural syrup.

    Prepare your teas and herbal infusions with low mineral water. Water plays an important role as it conveys the properties of plants.

    Drinks herbal generally act better on an empty stomach. Often, it is suggested to drink herbal teas and herbal teas in small sips throughout the day, but it is also possible to divide the daily dose of medicinal plants in 2 or 3 doses. Indications are that it simply takes the natural remedy if necessary.

    Botanical description of Fumeterre

    - Grass 30-60 cm, annual
    - Stem erect or diffuse
    - Sheet cut into thin lobes
    - Red Flower, pink or white

    Pharmacology FUMITORY PLANT CUT


    Today No. 1 in pharmaceutical herbalism, the IPHYM PHARMA & PLANTES Group is a pharmaceutical establishment created in 1972, specialized in herbal medicine.

    The mission of the laboratory Iphym: the well-being of all by medicinal plants.

    • An integrated Quality Assurance and Quality Control laboratory.
    • Maximum safety: a responsible pharmacist ensures compliance with pharmaceutical regulations.
    • Traceability: control bulletin available for all products.
    • AFSSAPS certification: we are regularly controlled by the French Agency for Sanitary Safety of Health Products which validates our status as a pharmaceutical laboratory.
    • GMP certification: all our production teams are trained in Good Manufacturing Practices.

    The Iphym laboratories are recognized by the ANSM as a pharmaceutical establishment since 1972

    Specialists in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and gemmotherapy for pharmacists and health professionals, IPHYM laboratories use their expertise and know-how to offer you a wide range of herbal products.

    Develop, select, control and distribute are areas of expertise of Iphym Laboratories.

    Iphym Santé: the reference of the herbalism in France

    • Plants selected for their quality, efficiency, and purity
    • A strategy firmly focused on quality
    • A wide choice of single bulk plants or mixtures
    • Iphym kits ready to use to help you start your herbalism business.
    • A complete range of pharmaceutical grade powders
    • A range of capsules of powders and dry extracts and soft capsules complete in 1000 and 5000 capsules.
    • Products offered in small packaging ready for sale or in large packaging for the preparation.

    Sale of medicinal plants in your bio pharmacy online

    Our doctors in pharmacy, herbalist training, referenced plants from a rigorous selection, from around the world and produced according to precise specifications, to ensure optimal quality of active ingredients. Our medicinal plants are not treated and their quality is controlled at each stage of their production. Not coming from a mixture of different origins, each lot of medicinal plant is of homogeneous quality. The care taken in the drying and storage of medicinal plants, guarantees you an irreproachable quality. The constant renewal of our stock of medicinal plants guarantees maximum freshness at the best price.

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