Estragon Cut Sheet IPHYM Herb Artemisia dracunculus L.

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Estragon Cut Sheet IPHYM Herb Artemisia dracunculus L.

Tarragon has a stimulating effect on digestion

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Used for : hiccough, digestion

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    Estragon SHEET CUT IPHYM Herb Artemisia dracunculus L.

    Latin name: Artemisia dracunculus L.

    Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)

    Common Names: tarragon, grass dragon, pungent sagebrush

    Parts used: Leaves

    Origin: This perennial garden plant, a cousin of wormwood is native to Central Asia.

    Properties Estragon CUT SHEET

    Tarragon has a stimulating effect on digestion, which is never accompanied by irritation.

    Indications and Uses of Estragon CUT SHEET

    Against the hiccups: (. Maloine Ed) Dr. Jean Valnet, author of the reference book Aromatherapy recommends chewing a tarragon leaf or take 3 or 4 drops (adult dose) of the essential oil of tarragon on sugar to stop hiccups.

    In the kitchen, use tarragon raises the taste of food a bit bland, like lettuce salad or chicken.

    Against indications with tarragon

    Tarragon essential oil product dangerous if misused, known for its abortifacient properties.

    Against in pregnant or lactating women.


    The serpentine shape of the root of Tarragon was herbalists believe it could cure the bites of venomous animals, according to the doctrine of signatures. From there came the Greek word drakon (dragon), Arabic tarkhum (small dragon) and the Latin name of the species: dracunculus (little dragon).

    Dosage of Estragon CUT SHEET


    Recommended associations with Estragon CUT SHEET


    Botanical description of Estragon CUT SHEET

    Herbaceous plant about 80 cm high, with numerous highly branched stems, narrow leaves, its annual strain. The leaves, narrow, smooth, shiny, dark green, disappear during the winter.

    Pharmacology Estragon CUT SHEET

    Tarragon has its aniseed smell to the presence of estragole, a compound of the family of phénylpropènes, carcinogenic and teratogenic in mice.

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