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This kit, designed for addicted smokers to very dependent pellet is composed of a tube: Lobelia inflata 5C, Nux 5C, Argentum nit 9C, Caladium 5C, Gelsemium 9C.

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Used for : tabagisme, arrêt tabac

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Because it is not always easy to stop smoking aids are sometimes necessary.
Withdrawal methods available and appropriate depending on your state of tobacco dependence. Homeopathy is one.

This kit is for addicted smokers to very dependent.

Properties of homeopathic kit to stop smoking

homeopathic kit against tobacco
Nux vomica 5C: to promote the elimination of toxins
ARGENTICUM NITRICUM 9C: deconditioning for the smoker and avoid him to compensate by sweets
CALADIUM 5C: to relieve disorders cessation
LOBELIA INFLATA 5C: disgust for tobacco cessation and help
GELSEMIUM 9C: to soothe the nerves and calm moods

Use of homeopathic kit tips to stop smoking

Lobelia inflata 5C: 5 pellets every craving.

It is important to let it melt under the tongue pellets. Do not swallow, do not chew.

Nux 5C, Argentum nit 9C, Caladium and Gelsemium 5C 9C: 3 pellets every 2-3 times daily on an empty stomaC(30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal), depending on the severity of tobacco dependence and number of cigarettes smoked before quitting.


For highly addicted to tobacco, nicotine and cigarette smoking, we recommend to combine natural methods (homeopathy, herbal medicine ...) to NRT for 3 months minimum.

For more information: questions and answers about nicotine replacement

Nicotine replacement therapy is effective?
Nicotine replacement therapy drugs are nicotine sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Their effectiveness in the treatment of physical dependence is amply demonstrated by scientific studies. This dual treatment or triple the chances to stop one year.
When dosed sufficiently prolonged, it reduces symptoms of nicotine withdrawal that smokers may feel at the beginning of the judgment. There are several forms: patches (patches) of different dosages, chewing gums, lozenges allowed to dissolve or suck inhaler. The nasal spray is not sold in France.

A pregnant woman can use nicotine replacement therapy?
Since 1997, the use of nicotine replacement therapy is permitted under medical supervision in pregnant women and breastfeeding women. It is highly advisable to seek the advice of his physician, a gynecologist and obstetrician or smoking addiction.

Can I use several forms of substitutes at once?
The combined use of several forms of nicotine replacement therapy is now accepted when necessary (eg, patCand gum or patCand inhaler). The effectiveness of treatment is then reinforced because the substitution is better suited to the daily rhythm of the smoker. It must be done under medical supervision for well adjust the dosage.

Can I become addicted to nicotine replacement therapy?
No dependence stamps (patches) were observed to date. Rare cases of addiction to other forms (especially gum) have been reported. No adverse effect on health has been observed in these individuals, on the contrary, compared to those who had resumed smoking.

Can I use nicotine replacement occasionally?
Some smokers find it difficult to refrain from smoking for several hours during a long working session, a show or a trip on an airplane. It is now possible to use oral forms (chewing gums, lozenges, inhalers and tablets) in these so-called temporary abstinence situations.

Will there any cons-indications to the use of nicotine replacement therapy?
There are no cons-indication to the use of nicotine replacement therapy among dependent smokers who want to quit smoking. However, the use of nicotine replacement therapy should be done under medical supervision in pregnant or lactating women and in people coming to myocardial infarction or stroke.

Can you have allergies with the patch?
There may intolerances skin where the patCis installed, as there can be with a simple dressing. We can then ask the pharmacist a different patch. If reactions persist, alternative form of gums or tablets are preferable. However, it should not be confused with a true allergy tingling that may surprise the smoker who developed a patCfor the first time. The itching fade themselves and disappear within an hour.

Is it dangerous to smoke a cigarette with a patch?
Smoking a cigarette with a patCis not recommended. Smoking with a patCmay expose symptoms of overdose. It is not uncommon for people to remove their patCtime to smoke a cigarette and then reapplied, whiCdoes not change: the nicotine is still present in the most superficial layer of the skin and continues to spread normally during at least two hours after removing the patch. If the need to smoke more cigarettes arises, it is necessary to review the dosage of the patCwith your doctor or pharmacist (it is probably under-dosing).

The nicotine in cigarettes is different from that of substitutes?
This is the same base molecule, but its mode of entry into the body that is very different. In the case of smoking, nicotine very quickly between the pulmonary arterial system before reaching the brain within seconds. In the case of nicotine replacement therapy, it is spread by the very slowly intravenously via the patCto the skin and the oral mucosa for chewing gums, tablets and the inhaler. This different mode of penetration is not the same consequences. In particular, nicotine substitutes cause little or no psychological dependence.
The other big difference is that the only possible alternative to absorb nicotine, while tobacco smoke also contains four thousand toxic substances.

How to detect and correct an overdose?
Signs of overdose are easy to recognize: diarrhea, nausea, slurred speech, insomnia, feeling of having smoked too much. Simply peel off the patCfor a few hours to reduce the dosage and everything falls into place quickly.

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