Kit Homeopathic Hemorrhoid Treatment and Prevention

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Kit Homeopathy treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids is a pack of several homeopathic stocks (Aesculus compound, Lach, Nux) traditionally used f or naturally relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids crises.

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Used for : influenza

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Homeopathy Hemorrhoids Treatment and Prevention Kit

About 1 in 2 adults over the age of 50 have hemorrhoids. Constipation, pregnancy and loss of tissue tone with age are the main causes. In pregnant women, the symptoms of hemorrhoids usually disappear after childbirth. The hemorrhoidal crisis ( internal hemorrhoids ) results in a feeling of tension and burning inside the anal canal. These signs usually do not last more than a few days. Some triggering factors are classically described: meals that are too rich or too spicy, episodes of the genital life, taking medication, thrusting efforts. Their symptomatology differs according to their location on the external or internal hemorrhoidal plexuses. External hemorrhoidal thrombosis is manifested by the sudden onset of pain and tumefaction of the anal margin.

Fast and without known side effects, homeopathy provides an effective solution to relieve hemorrhoids.

Tips for using the Homeopathy Hemorrhoids Treatment and Prevention Kit

  • Aesculus compound : 5 granules 2 times a day to relieve painful hemorrhoids.
  • Lachesis mutus 5ch : 5 granules 2 times a day against pain.
  • Nux vomica 9ch : 5 granules 2 times a day if the hemorrhoids are aggravated by excess food.

What to do to avoid hemorrhoids?

Here are some practical and easy to apply tips to naturally prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoidal seizures:

  • Fight overweight, avoid sedentary lifestyle, prolonged sitting.
  • Avoid wearing heavy objects.
  • Sports to focus on: walking, swimming, gymnastics
  • Fight against constipation because constipation promotes the appearance of hemorrhoids. Adopt a diet high in fiber, based on vegetables, fresh fruits or dried fruits. Exercise or sport regularly. Drink enough water (1.5 to 2 l / d), preferring strongly mineralized water (Contrex, Hepar type).
  • Avoid prolonged use of very strong laxatives.
  • As soon as you feel the urge to go to the saddle; go there, do not hold back.

Composition of the homeopathic kit to treat hemorrhoids

This pack contains 6 tubes of granules (for 2 weeks): 2 Aesculus compound, 2 Lachesis mutus 5ch, 2 Nux vomica 9ch.

Depending on their availability, we provide homeopathic medicines Boiron, Ferrier, or lehning-rocal

Homeopathic Hemorrhoids Kit Properties Treatment and Prevention

Aesculus Compound : Aesculus Compound is a homeopathic medicine prepared from a blend of Mother tincture of Aesculus hippocastanum, Mother tincture of Hamamelis virginiana, Mother tincture of Hydrastis canadensis and Mother tincture of Viburnum prunifolium.

Lachesis mutus 5CH : homeopathic medicine prepared from the venom of Lachesis Mutus, a snake of the family Viperidae.

Nux vomica 9CH : homeopathic medicine prepared from the vomit nut, fruit of Strychnos Nux Vomica, tree of Southeast Asia. Nux vomica is the cure for intoxication, excess, hypersensitivity, anger, violence. It is likely to intervene in the majority of our treatments, each of us presenting at least once in our life one or more episodes of this type.

Precautions for use

Due to the presence of lactose, this drug should not be used in case of galactosemia, glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome or lactose deficiency.
For lactose intolerant, granules and doses can be made from sucrose. If you want lactose-free tubes or doses contact our preparatory.
Do not absorb astringent substances (coffee, tobacco, camphor, mint and chamomile) in the half hour before taking the granules or globules. Use a toothpaste without mint.

In children : Under 6 years, dissolve the granules in 100 ml of water.
The granules being long to dissolve, it is necessary to prepare your mixture in advance.

In pregnant women: Homeopathic medicines have no chemical toxicity, nor against indication or interaction with other drugs, nor adverse effect related to the amount of product ingested.

Keep homeopathic medicines away from light, heat, moisture and any source of emanations and perfumes.

If your symptoms persist, talk to your doctor or homeopath

To learn more about hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidal disease is an inflammation accompanied by an abnormal dilation of these haemorrhoidal veins, caused by a local increase in blood pressure. It is common in cases of constipation , during pregnancy and in the over 50s .

External hemorrhoids sometimes cause very uncomfortable pain and itching . Hemorrhoids are thrombosed but bleed less frequently because the skin that covers them is thick. The pain begins abruptly then it is permanent. It is not increased by the defecation but it is reinforced in case of obstinate constipation.

Invisible internal hemorrhoids are located in the rectum. They can thrombose, bleed, prolapse and externalize. They give a feeling of full rectum and sometimes cause bleeding at the end of defecation

One in two is affected at least once in their lifetime.

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Easily order Homeopathic Medicine Kits from your pharmacy specializing in natural remedies.

Our online pharmacy specializing in organic natural products and alternative medicines offers homeopathic kits ready to use, not subject to medical prescription, but which require the control of a homoeopathic pharmacist to be on sale on the internet. Find the homeopathic medicine packs of French pharmaceutical laboratories specializing in homeopathy: Rocal Lehning , Weleda , and Boiron . Effectively treat the ailments and various problems of everyday life with alternative medicines without side effects.

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