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Write a review on ALLARGEM BIO HERBALGEM ALLERGY, find the composition of ALLARGEM Herbalgem in our online pharmacy used to rebalance the allergic terrain and provide relief quickly.

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Used for : itching, increase the resistance of the o, strengthen the natural defenses, irritated skin, vitality, Red skin, Red skin

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  • Natural shield against any aggression.
  • Rebalances the allergic predisposition.
  • Provides relief quickly.
  • Powerful antidote.
  • Antitoxic properties.
  • Defends the body against germs.
  • Defends the body against external aggressions.

The blackcurrant bud easy, as St. Hildegard, the action of plants associated with it. It has tonic properties and cortisone-like action. Blackcurrant was once known as the most powerful antidote. It is effective in any allergic manifestation. Blackcurrant buds is also useful in the drainage of the various organs and tissues. Adaptogen, blackcurrant bud strengthens the body to better cope with allergies and help them overcome difficult times.
Bud rosemary exerts anti-toxic effects on organs drainage. It scavenges free radicals and fights effectively against fatigue and drowsiness. Through its action, the allergenic toxins are eliminated from the body.
Propolis, true vegetable mastic, is harvested by bees from the buds of certain trees and herbs. In the hive, propolis creates an unfavorable environment for microorganisms and protects the bees from external aggressions. Aromatic resins that comprise to be strong stimulants of the natural defenses of the body. Propolis also contains vitamins A, B, C and E and rich in many trace elements (manganese, selenium, iron, magnesium). It therefore combines perfectly with other bud extracts. It has a privileged action on the respiratory system.

Description ALLARGEM Herbalgem

This anti-allergic allergic complex rebalances the ground (grass allergy, dust, food allergy ...), provides quick relief without addiction maintains vitality and stimulates the natural defenses of the body.

Application advice and opinions on ALLARGEM Herbalgem

5 to 15 drops per day in the morning, clean (keep 20 seconds in the mouth on the tongue) or diluted in a little water, or better yet diluted in a tablespoon DEPURASEVE, all in a bottle of water ¾ L. Start with a low dose and gradually increase until you get the desired effect.
It is better to take preventive ALLARGEM morning.
In cure, 3 weeks of daily intake, then a week off for 3 months.
Maintenance, one week per month.
Possible association
It is always better to associate DEPURASEVE, it allows the elimination of toxins in the body and remineralize it.

Composition ALLARGEM Herbalgem

° blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum), seedlings ° rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), propolis, alcohol ° (35%), water, vegetable glycerin.
No Ingredients from organic farming.

Precaution for use with ALLARGEM Herbalgem

Store after opening.

Introducing ALLARGEM Herbalgem

(Formerly: Allergobase / Gemmobase)
30 ml bottle
Label Organic Farming

Our expert advice pharmacy gemmotherapy

Laboratory gemmotherapy Herbalgem offers a wide range of natural and effective products, herbal, designed to ensure the welfare of all ages.
Range gemmotherapy concentrated Herbalgem present over 60 natural extracts buds including:

• The macerated concentrated glycerine unit (or macerated mother) Herbalgem that contain all the properties of a single bud;
• Complex Herbalgem, harmonious combinations of different macerated mother, responding to a health problem targeted.

Organic products are prepared gemmotherapy Herbalgem ONLY with fresh buds, from organic agriculture, stabilized directly on the site of harvest. They are concentrated (undiluted unlike products gemmotherapy laboratory Boiron) to preserve all properties

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