Yalacta Sano Gastril 36 Tablets

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Yalacta Sano Gastril 36 Tablets for sale in our pharmacy bio. Yalacta Sano Gastril 36 Tablets can be used by anyone with an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach.

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    Yalacta Sano GASTRIL 36 TABLETS


    Description Yalacta Sano Gastril 36 Tablets

    Yalacta Sano Gastril 36 Tablets can be used by anyone with an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. Many people complain of experience unpleasant sensations such as gastric acid reflux, nausea, heartburn ... Dietary habits such that coffee, alcohol or tobacco, spicy food, stress can be the cause of this discomfort. Yalacta Sano tablets represent a rapid and effective response to this gastric discomfort and events such as gravity, heaviness, bitterness ... Sano-Gastril® is obtained by fermentation of soy milk (Glycinus maximus) by a particular strain of Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB51, original strain of Dr. Y. Bogdanov. the metabolites derived from soybean fermentation neutralize the excess stomach acid and bring the pH to a physiological value. Moreover, these metabolites contribute to effectively soothe feelings of discomfort.

    Directions for use of Yalacta Sano Gastril 36 Tablets

    If punctual discomfort: Chew 1-3 tablets Sano-Gastril® at the time of gastric discomfort (burns, heartburn ...).

    This can be doubled or tripled without any inconvenience.

    If regular discomforts: Chew 1-2 tablets Sano-Gastril® before meal or after meal following personal purposes and, 2 times per day.

    It is recommended to follow recommended doses, to ensure having a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children.

    Composition of Yalacta Sano Gastril 36 Tablets

    Soybean meal Glycinus maximus (56%)

    Ferment Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB 51.

    Dextrose sugar cane

    hydrolyzed wheat protein (gluten free)

    Yeast extract

    aroma fishing

    Emulsifier: Glyceryl stearate

    Caking agent: Colloidal silica

    Introducing Yalacta Sano Gastril 36 Tablets

    Box of 36 Tablets

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    While maintaining its production activity of lactic ferments, Yalacta has acquired an excellent reputation for natural food supplements. Its patented proprietary formulas and spent its international expansion. Under the sign of the research and development, innovation, the brand has constantly seek new solutions to optimize the well-being of the body, often undermined by modern life.

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    Digestive problems are common after a large meal. Many people suffer from stomach aches, bloating and constipation. Digestive disorders are not fun, it is important to know what foods should be favored to avoid difficult digestion and know a good transit. Find a selection of Food supplements to help digestion and improve transit. Effectively fight against the small inconveniences of everyday life with effective and quality remedies.

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