BAUSCH & LOMB OPHTAXIA Eye Wash Bottle 120 ml

BAUSCH & LOMB OPHTAXIA Lavage Oculaire Flacon 120 ml View larger


BAUSCH & LOMB OPHTAXIA Eye Wash Bottle 120 ml

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    BAUSCH & LOMB OPHTAXIA Eye Wash Bottle 120 ml

    What are the symptoms of a foreign body in the eye?

    Foreign bodies in the eye cause tearing , redness of the eyes and pain that can not open the eye, sometimes. The pain is intense in wearers of flexible lenses because the foreign body, wedged between the lens and the cornea, presses on the latter. In case of trauma, there may even be a loss of vision, in addition to other symptoms.


    • in daily use : cleans gently and refreshes your eyes. Calm eye irritation. eliminates dust and atmospheric pollutants. Removes chlorinated water from the eye (pool).
    • in emergency eyewash : eliminates irritating substances. Cleans and soothes the eyes gently.

    using advice

    If the eyecup is used

    • Rinse the eyecup with OPHTAXIA just before and after each use.
    • Avoid any contamination of the edge and the inner part of the eye.
    • Fill half the eye with OPHTAXIA.
    • Tilt the head forward, hold the eyecup by the base and apply it to the eye with light pressure to prevent product leakage.
    • Slowly raise your head and flip it back.

    If the eyecup is not used

    • The washing will be done by delicate instillation of the solution on the surface of the eye after having exerted a slight pressure on the bottle.


    sterile isotonic solution containing boric acid, sodium borate, sodium chloride and purified water, preservatives (0.025% disodium acetate and sorbic acid).

    Precaution of use

    Warnings and precautions for use

    • Remove the contact lenses before using the solution.
    • To prevent contamination, avoid contact with the end of the container.
    • Replace the cap after use.
    • Do not use the solution if it has changed color or is cloudy.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.
    • Do not use beyond the expiry date on the outer carton and on the vial.
    • Eliminate any unused solution 3 months after opening the vial.
    • Do not use if the tamper evident ring is broken or missing.

    IMPORTANT: In the event of the occurrence, persistence or aggravation of eye irritation or excessive lacrimation , or disturbance of vision, discontinue use of eye drops and promptly consult an ophthalmologist.


    1 bottle of 120 ml + 1 cup.

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Do natural medicines have their place in addition to treatment?

    They have no place at the moment when the foreign body gets stuck in the eye, but once the latter removed and if we fear a slight scratching of the cornea, herbal medicine can accelerate its healing.

    Traditional use : Eyebright is used in eye drops with 2% decoction. The dose usually observed is 1 instillation 3 times a day. This remedy is used only once the dust or the foreign body dislodged, when everything seems to be returned to normal. Do not put eye drops if the foreign body is indelible or if there is a notion of trauma (according to "Phytotherapy, health by plants", selection of Reader's Digest, Vidal ed).

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