Physiomer is a gentle and respectful response to ensure the hygiene of the nose of infants and children, with a gentle diffusion, which helps the child to breathe better in his nasal decongestant

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Used for : colds, cold child, cold child

contains: sea ​​water, sea ​​water

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    Micro-Diffusion Solution PHYSIOMER ® Laboratories SANOFI is intended for nasal hygiene of infants to ensure gentle cleansing especially during cold and rhinitis.


    Micro-Diffusion PHYSIOMER ® Solution contains:
    A natural seawater Not Diluted
    This water consists of minerals and trace elements, has been an electrodialysis treatment to preserve the wealth and properties of seawater, highly beneficial for infections and ensuring the protection of the nasal mucosa.
    A Sterile Solution and No Preservatives
    The solution is obtained by an ultrafiltration method, to maintain a sterile substance. The anti-reflux valve, is a patented system that guarantees the preservation of sea water with each use.
    Without Gas Booster
    The treatment can be used in all positions, especially in children and releases a gentle micro-diffusion and not traumatic.
    Nasal Tip a Specially Adapted
    The tip, which has the bottle is respectful of the anatomy of the nasal cavity of infants for optimal comfort.

    Directions for use

    This treatment can be used in infants from one month and as often as necessary during the day:
    Place the nozzle on the bottle.
    Tilt the child's head to the side and gently insert the tip into one nostril.
    Exert pressure frank and brief.
    Leave for a few seconds and retry the operation in the other nostril.
    Blow and wipe your nose.


    100% natural seawater, sodium removed and undiluted, isotonic (normal concentration corresponding to that of our organism salts).

    Precaution for use

    Wash the mouthpiece with warm water after each use.


    Bottle of 115 ml.

    Our expert advice pharmacy

    An infant does not know how to breathe through the mouth and when the nose is particularly congested mucus during a cold for example, it is very difficult to oxygenate normally. Washing the nose, thus paramount importance in everyday life, whose purpose is to ensure the smooth passage of air during inspiration, giving it breathing ease.

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