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Drontal Dog Bone P is a complete worming against roundworms and dog dishes from 2kg. Tablets, meat flavored and breakable, easily manage and have a good tolerance for all dog breeds.

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    Description Drontal Dog Bone P 4 Tablets Bayer

    P Bayer Drontal Dog Bone is a versatile broad spectrum wormer to dogs from 2kg. It is designed for the treatment of infestations sensitive parasites febantel, pyrantel and praziquantel such as nematodes (roundworms) and cestodes (tapeworms) include:

    • Nematodes (roundworms): Trichuris vulpis, Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala, Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina
    • Cestodes (tapeworms) Dipylidium caninum, Taenia spp

    Administration to animals is facilitated by the new formula flavored beef. The unique combination of three molecules Febantel, praziquantel and pyrantel make it a model in the fight against worms which Echinococcus multilocularis responsible echinococcosis.


    Board of use Drontal Dog Bone P 4 Tablets Bayer


    Administer, single dose, tasty tablets Drontal Dog Bone P at the rate of one tablet for weight 10kg according to the examples of the following regimens:


    • Dogs from 2 to 5 kg: 1/2 tablet
    • Dogs from 5 to 10 kg: 1 tablet
    • Dogs 10 to 15kg: 1.5 tablet
    • Dogs 15 to 20kg: 2 tablets


    The tablets can be administered to pregnant females from five weeks of gestation and in lactation. They have good tolerance for all dog breeds.





    ..... 50 mg praziquantel, pyrantel (embonate sf) ..... 50 mg, 150 mg Febantel ....., ..... 1 Excipient scored tablet of 776.50 m



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    Box of 4 tablets tasty beef flavor.

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    The Drontal laboratory dewormer Bayer is intended to eliminate intestinal parasites of dogs and cats. It can eradicate all types of intestinal worms that your dog or cat can meet, with a single dose. Thanks to its meaty taste, the administration of Drontal is simple in pets.
    Dogs or cats can be infected by up to a dozen different intestinal worms. It is not always easy to distinguish the symptoms of these veterinary parasites, and that is why your vet will tell you that it is best to use Drontal every three months or more to prevent a serious infection of your pet. by a verse, at the best price.

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