WAMINE Doloflamil Dog and Cat Joint Massage Gel 125g

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WAMINE Doloflamil Massage Gel Joint Dog and Cat 125g in our pharmacy bio, Comment on the advice of use and dosage with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

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Used for : locomotor disorders, locomotor disorders

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    WAMINE Doloflamil Dog and Cat Joint Massage Gel 125g

    The Doloflamil massage gel is designed to relieve pain and inflammation in dogs and cats. It is made from herbs with antalgic and anti-inflammatory properties.

    It is indicated for the pains related to:

    • osteoarthritis
    • Locomotive disorders
    • Following an injury

    Description of WAMINE Doloflamil Massage Gel Joint Dog and Cat 125g

    Doloflamil is a fast percutaneous penetrating massage gel which limits licking

    Based on plant extracts :

    • harpagophytum , anti-inflammatory and analgesic
    • juniper , aquaretic and antioedematous
    • Seal of Solomon , Vulnerable
    • Meadowsweet, anti-inflammatory and analgesic

    and 5 essential oils :

    • black spruce , anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating
    • peppermint , analgesic and relaxing
    • rosemary and camphor , analgesic and muscle relaxant
    • wintergreen , anti-inflammatory and analgesic

    No fat, no paraben, no PEG.

    Advice for use and dosage

    Apply the gel to a healthy skin without break-in (do not use on the mucous membranes, wounds and all categories of dermatoses) and massage with light circular movements until total penetration of the gel.

    Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage of WAMINE Doloflamil Massage Gel Joint Dog and Cat 125g with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.


    Based on plant extracts (Harpagophytum, Genevere, Solomon seal, Meadowsweet) and 5 essential oils (Norway spruce, black spruce, peppermint, rosemary, camphor, wintergreen)

    Precaution of use

    The use of Doloflamil Gel is intended for all animal species except rodents and birds.

    Product for external use, can not be swallowed. Do not apply on mucous membranes, wounds and any category of dermatoses. Contains camphor.

    Introducing WAMINE Doloflamil Dog and Cat Joint Massage Gel 125g

    Tube of 125g

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    In case of pains and inflammation of all types consider using green clay, both internally and externally.

    • In poultice if it is an injury,
    • In "clay milk" in case of pain related to osteoarthritis (for this simply let the clay rest in the drinking water of your horse)

    Phytotherapy for them as Man has always concerned about the welfare of animals that make him service. The only remedies "simple" were used plants whose properties were transmitted from generation to generation without prejudging their composition. Long, was made only the difference between plants that eat the plants that care and plants that kill ... (not too soft that wants to say!) The Assyrians who invented writing found on tablets clay this curious recommendation: "the Doctor of oxen will be largely paid if he keeps our animals in good health, but if the animals can no longer serve, he must repay the value ..." in this ancient law of retaliation that can not be applied in a modern scientific context, emerges the concept of preventive medicine. All pet owners want to keep their pets as long as possible if not in the best shape. However, be aware that all cells of living beings that breathe oxygen, aging under the impact of free radicals, causing simultaneous dysfunction of multiple organs and systems, the precursor to the disease. Natural health solutions used as first-line or complement other techniques chosen in consultation with your vet, strive to restore the functioning of this delicate balance without adding harmful side effects. To learn to recognize these signs and ay address the day to day, we offer a page board each month. But beware, the symptoms may progress very quickly in animals, so book self-medication to small daily miseries. EVEN WITH YOUR BIOTHERAPIES ANIMAL REMAINS YOUR BEST ADVISER ... Wamine and veterinary Wamine provides your veterinarian more than 50 references standardized extracts of plants for modern practice of herbal medicine and realization of compounding. Wamine also provides your vet many dietary supplements, probiotics, omega 3-6-9, antioxidants, glucosamine, for improving the welfare of animals in everyday life. Wamine help veterinarians to find natural solutions to animal health, innovative, original or complementary and participates in continuing medical education through a partnership with official bodies such as the French Association of Veterinarians for Pets (AFVAC) and Diplomas university of Phytotherapy. Wamine and PiLeJe group Wamine The laboratory is the branch of veterinary PiLeJe Group. It was created in 2002 following the successful use of dietary supplements by veterinarians and their desire to bring their 4 legged companion the same innovative healthcare solutions that themselves. Wamine benefits from 20 years of expertise PiLeJe Group in herbal medicine research and micronutrition. Thanks to the knowledge of the most recent data from the scientific research, provide the veterinary approach complements allopathic techniques and solutions in animal phytotherapy (raw materials for compounding) and animal micronutrient (nutritional supplements for dogs and cats).

    Dog joint in your veterinary pharmacy

    We like to see them in good shape and full of energy . These animals love to walk, play and hop. But when our dog friends get older, they often suffer from pain . Dogs of all ages can suffer from osteoarthritis or joint pain . This can be genetic, accidental or degenerative. React by supporting the joint metabolism at the first physical signs. Relieve your dog's joints with dietary supplements to regain energy .

    Discover our new range of veterinary products to effectively treat the joint disorders of your dog.

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