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Pouxit treatment ANTI LICE is a physical mode of action, gentle on the scalp, and easy to use leather, which does not require combing.

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    Treatment of head lice in adults and children over 6 months.

    Pouxit lotion anti-lice Cooper is indicated for the treatment of head lice in adults and children over 6 months. It does not contain an insecticide, or toxic substance as it is by physical effect. It is gentle on the scalp, odorless and easy to apply leather.

    Description Pouxit anti lice 100 ml

    Pouxit suffocating lice, do not use neurotoxic. Lice and nits die.

    Pouxit kills 100% of lice from the first application, but 2 days later 7 application guarantee the result because of the risk of misapplication.

    Pouxit can be used by the whole family from 6 months, and in asthmatics. It is colorless and odorless, and can be used as often as needed.

    Council use anti lice Pouxit 100 ml

    Apply the lotion on the scalp and dry hair. Massaging the hair to get a complete impregnation of the hair. Allow to dry hair naturally air. Allow the product minimum one hour. Wash hair with a mild shampoo, then rinse with water. Repeat mandatory treatment after seven days.

    Precautions on Pouxit anti lice 100 ml

    Do not use in children under 6 months. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Accidental projection. rinse with clear water. Keep product away from heat.

    Composition Pouxit anti lice 100 ml

    Active Ingredients: Dimethicone 4%. Complete formulation: Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone 5.

    The texture is invisible invisible, stain-step. The lotion is hypoallergenic.

    Pouxit is indicated for the treatment of lice in adults and children older than 6 months. This product does not contain toxic substances, it acts by physical effect. Pouxit is the only anti-lice treatment proven to be effective in a large clinical study (253 people) published in the British Medical Journal Recall

    Pouxit Anti Lice

    For a good use of the products to eliminate easily:

    • Apply Pouxit lotion or Pouxit XF spray to your child's scalp and dry hair.
    • Massage the hair to obtain a complete impregnation of the hair with the lotion to reach all the lice.
    • Let the hair dry naturally in the air, the anti-lice product must act for 1 hour. In case of application in the evening, you can use Pouxit or Pouxit XF (Extra Fort) one full night. As a measure of hygiene, it is advisable to apply a towel on the pillow.
    • Wash hair with a mild shampoo, then rinse with water.
    • Repeat the treatment imperatively 7 days later to prevent the nits turn into lice, and contaminate the children again.

    Bug spray

    This small parasite widespread and well known to parents of young children (5 to 11 years) has appeared again more than 20 years ago, and is increasingly resistant to treatment.
    Haunted by parents and teachers, lice usually reappear at the start of school. Do not panic, the key is to react quickly. Lice may be a headache, but effective solutions exist to get rid of them .

    Find the best brands of anti-lice products! ANTI LICE COOPER , POUXIT , PARANIX , LP PRO DUO , APAISYL , ... Lotions, sprays, shampoos, repellents.

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