Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml OAK Oak

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Fleurs de Bach ORIGINAL

Bach Flowers - Oak Ref. 783 972 8
Tinted bottle with dropper 20ml
Oak (Quercus robur)

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    Oak (Quercus robur)

    Oak type is generally strong and courageous. He needs Oak when its internal forces abandon and fatigue takes over. This is a workaholic who ignores his fatigue. Driven by a sense of duty, he is a conscientious, willing to help others, and who can always be counted. He is patient, insists on the task and not give any répittant there is still work to do; On the contrary, even overworked, he continues to fight with obstinacy (see also Rock Water - Rock and Water Vervain - Vervain).

    Strength loss that ensues can lead to depression, frustration and other symptoms of stress which, if allowed to grow too long could lead to depression. When they get sick, they feel they have failed, but every effort to recover.

    The positive potential Oak is usually a strong person, which is often the backbone of his family or his work group. She has endurance, perseverance and considerable patience, and large energy reserves that allow it to withstand much pressure. Oak restores energy and helps to recognize that taking time to relax and take care of yourself is important honoring its obligations.


    Add two drops in a glass of water and drink in small sips.
    Keep the dose a time in mouth before swallowing.
    A repeat to improve your discomfort.

    Balance your emotions naturally

    The 38 Flowers Bach® Original is a dietary supplement that target specific emotions and act gently to better manage emotional states.

    Bach Flowers are used for more than 80 years worldwide. Very simple to use, Bach® Original Flower are natural.

    No side effects or cons-indication, gasolines Bach Original Flower can be used by the whole family, even children and pregnant women.

    bach flowers

    Bach Flowers ORIGINAL: Find the full range of original Bach flower which flower essences Rescue. We also propose to make your mixes Bach Original Flower customized in our specialized laboratory.


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