Paranix Extra Strong Environmental Pest Spray

Paranix Paranix

Paranix Extra Strong Pest Control kills nits on the tissues. This Paranix environmental spray helps you to properly disinfect the affected areas. It can be used on textiles and membles.

Available in 150 ml and 225 ml spray.

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Paranix Extra Strong Environmental Pest Spray

Paranix Extra Strong Anti-Lice Environment Special 150ml or 300ml is a recommended solution to treat non-washable items infested with lice : sofas, bedding, car seat, strollers, bicycle helmet, motorcycle ...

This solution is the essential complement in the treatment of pediculosis because it kills lice on any type of textile and thus helps to avoid re-infestation phenomena .

Once rid of lice, it is necessary to avoid the risk of reinfestation, treat surfaces such as pillows, duvets ...: PARANIX Laboratories put at your disposal the PEST PEST.

Warning : This product is an aerosol, it can only be shipped to countries of the European Union and Switzerland

Description of Paranix Extra Strong Environmental Pest Spray

Paranix Environmental Pest Spray contains Eucalyptus Essence, which can disinfect your environment without any risk of stains on clothes or linens.

Results of Paranix Environmental Pest Spray

Paranix antiparasitic spray is the ideal supplement for anti-lice treatment.

Advice for use and dosage

Decontaminate the environment, decontaminate clothes, sheets and objects (brushes, combs) that have been in direct contact with the head by washing them at 60 ° C. Vacuum thoroughly in the house and car, then discard the vacuum bag.

This product should not be used in children under 2 years old. External use only. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes (mouth, nose).

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Its concentrated active ingredient formula makes it possible to treat all textiles, eliminating 100% of lice in just 10 minutes. Proven effectiveness in one application.

Composition for the classic Paranix spray environment: Bifenthrin 0.8 g, Eucalyptus essence, Hydro-alcoholic solution.

Composition for extra strong spray Paranix environment: 1, R-Trans Phenothrin (CAS No. 26046-85-5) 0.28% w / w, Pyriproxyfen (CAS No. 95737-68-1) 0.015% w / w, Product Biocide TP18, Aerosol (AE).

Precaution of use

Wash all washable textiles at 60 ° C.
Shake well before use and spray on the objects to be treated at 30/40 cm. Proceed by brief pressure. Leave on for 10 minutes then aspirate the dead lice.

Presentation of Paranix Extra Strong Environmental Pest Spray

Available in bottles of 150 ml or 225 ml at a reduced price for use on large volume to be treated.

Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

A bottle of 150 ml can treat 4m², the surface of an adult mattress.

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