Paranix Comb Lice Metallic 3 in 1

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Paranix 3-in-1 Metallic Anti-Lice Comb for sale in our online bio pharmacy, eliminates nits and lice efficiently from your children's hair.

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Paranix Comb Lice Metallic 3 in 1

A rag comb that facilitates the elimination of lice and nits after treatment and shampoo. It allows, thus, to cleanse the scalp by removing residues of parasites that have been killed beforehand.

Lice regularly invade the school and at the same time the head of your children? Laboratoires Paranix offers you a range of products that help you quickly and effectively rid your children's hair of lice and nits including comb Anti Lice Metallic.

Properties of Paranix Anti Lice Metallic Comb 3 in 1

Paranix Comb Lice Metallic 3 in 1 is effective for the elimination of lice and nits. Its long teeth can effectively remove lice and nits without damaging or entangling the hair . The tips are rounded to avoid skinning the scalp. It is suitable for all types of hair: short, long, curly ...

  • The teeth are stainless steel and rounded at the end to avoid injuring or irritating the scalp.
  • The integrated magnifier makes it easy to spot lice and nits for better elimination.
  • The brush is specially designed to easily clean the teeth of the comb.

Its triple action makes it the comb to have in case of infestation by the lice . Its long, round - mouthed stainless steel teeth are soft and harmless, allowing for a smooth and easy use.

Results with the anti-lice comb Paranix

Paranix Metallic Anti-Lice Comb is perfect for getting rid of nits and lice as quickly as possible.

Usage tips

After anti-lice treatment, wring and untangle the hair. In a well-lit place, separate the hair into locks and pass the comb end of the root to the ends. Between each pass, carefully examine the comb and wipe it thoroughly with a white cloth. Once all the hair has been combed, clean it very carefully.

The rag comb will be useful to get rid of lice and a good way to examine the head of your child to see if it has lice, but also nits.


Stainless steel

Precaution of use

Disinfect the comb with 70 ° alcohol after each use.


Paranix is in the form of a methalic comb.

Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

The rag comb is used in case of infestation of this small parasite on the head of your child. The lice will therefore take up residence on his skull, feed and walk with a preference for the neck, the back of the ears and temples.

The first use of the rag comb is to help find them. Indeed, if you have a doubt about the contamination of your child (at the beginning of the school year for example), you can use this type of comb, which will be able to push the louse out of the hair, without however killing it. The other means of action of the comb is, once the treatment is done, to remove the dead lice and the remaining nits. This should be done 5 minutes after applying Full Marks before rinsing, then ideally 7 days later to monitor for possible recurrence.

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