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ArkoRoyal ArkoRoyal

The ArkoRoyal Soothing Throat Spray from ARKOPHARMA Laboratories is a dietary supplement, intended to soothe sore throats and strengthen the body's natural defences.

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What is Arko Royal Soothing Throat Spray Arkopharma used for?

The symptoms of a cold are often confused with a flu-like state, because of their resemblance, but less strong. There are more than two hundred viruses responsible for colds, including viral infections, sore throats, colds, wet or dry and painful coughs. This condition mainly affects the upper respiratory tract and it would seem that an adult residing in the northern part, would be affected about four times a year compared to eight to ten in children, which is why the strengthening of the immune defenses before winter in his importance.

Arko Royal Arkopharma Soothing Throat Spray relieves and softens your irritated throat while strengthening its natural defences.

Arko Royal Soothing Throat Spray Arkopharma is a natural food supplement , is designed to soften irritated throats and strengthen the body's natural defenses , this product contains:

  • Propolis: propolis which acts as a natural and antibacterial shield to the hive. This nutrient cleanses the throat and quickly neutralizes pathogenic bacteria, which would try to settle.
  • Larch extract: this extract comes from a fir tree found in the northern hemisphere, it helps strengthen and energize the body's respiratory tract.
  • A synergy of Eucalyptus, Pine and Thyme forms a perfect complex that fights the first signs of cold.
  • Extracts of Mallow, Matricaria and Honey : these plants known for their soothing properties will calm irritating sensations and localized inflammation of the throat.

How to properly use Arko Royal Arkopharma Soothing Throat Spray 30ml?

The ARKO ROYAL THROAT SOFTENER SPRAY from ARKOPHARMA Laboratories can be used in winter or regularly for sensitive throats:

  1. Shake the bottle before use.
  2. Apply twice, three times a day.

Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage of Arko Royal Spray Soothing Throat Arkopharma 30ml with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

In case of persistent cough, consider the essential oil of Cypress ! It will instantly calm the cough, 1 drop on the tongue one in a teaspoon of honey is enough.

What is the composition Arko Royal Arkopharma Throat Softener Spray 30ml?

Nutritional Information Average for six sprays:

Plant extracts and Propolis: 606 mg.
Honey: 94mg.
Larch extract: 9mg.

Sore throats are often accompanied by irritation which over time becomes bothersome. To quickly relieve sore throats, the Arkopharma laboratory has developed Arkoroyal Spray, made from 100% natural active ingredients , which provides immediate relief from the first dose thanks to its innovative formulation.

What are the side effects and contraindications?

The ARKO ROYAL THROAT SOFTENER SPRAY from ARKOPHARMA Laboratories must be given special attention because:

Excessive consumption can have laxative effects, respect the recommended dose.
It is to be used in addition to a varied and balanced diet.


Arko Royal Soothing Throat Spray Arkopharma comes in the form of a 30 ml spray.

Our advice and advice from pharmacy experts

In addition to a throat spray, you can locally apply the Pranarôm respiratory balm which will bring immediate relief to your throat and which will clear your airways.

In the morning when you wake up, opt for an infusion of thyme with a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey "natural defenses" Pranarôm: a fortifying drink that you can drink throughout the winter to prevent infections.

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