Sclerocalcin Lehning 60 tablets Homeopathic

Sclerocalcin Lehning 60 tablets Homeopathic

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Sclerocalcine Lehning 60 tablets is a homeopathic medicine indicated against intellectual disorders in the elderly.

What are the indications for Sclerocalcin Lehning 60 tablets Homeopathic?

What is SCLEROCALCINE prescribed for?

This medicine is a complex (association) of homeopathic components.

This homeopathic medicine is traditionally used in the adjuvant treatment for symptomatic purposes of intellectual disorders in the elderly (vigilance, concentration, memory).

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Sclerocalcin Lehning Homeopathic tablets are available in your online pharmacy in boxes of 60 tablets.

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What is the composition of the drug Sclerocalcin?

Carocus sativus 4DH 50 mg
Secale cornutum 4DH 50 mg
Silicea 6DH 100 mg
Crataegus oxyacantha 3DH 50 mg
Sulfur 4DH 100 mg

For one 500 mg chewable tablet

The other ingredients are: lactose, birch powder, sucrose, magnesium stearate, purified water.

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How to take this homeopathic medicine?

Chew the tablets and let them melt in the mouth preferably outside of meals. Space out as soon as an improvement is noticed and stop treatment as soon as the symptoms disappear.

What is the usual dose of Sclerocalcin ?

Take 2 or 3 tablets, twice a day.

How long is this treatment ?

This treatment can be repeated for 1 month and is renewable on medical advice.

Read the instructions before use.

What are the precautions for use ?

This homeopathic medicine is for adults only.

Sclerocalcine Lehning 60 tablets Homeopathic should not be taken in cases of otitis, sinusitis, or dermatosis without medical advice.




. Presentations . Composition . Indications . Pregnancy and breastfeeding . Instructions for use and dosage . Lexicon


SCLEROCALCIN: tablet; box of 60.
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Lehning Laboratory

p cp
Silicea D6 100 mg
Sulfur D4 100 mg
Crocus D4 50 mg
Secale cornutum D4 50 mg
Geranium robertianum D3 50 mg
Senecio aureus D3 50 mg
Crataegus D3 50 mg
Cortex betulae pulvis 50 mg

This medicine is a complex (association) of homeopathic components.
It is used in the homeopathic treatment of vascular disorders.
At homeopathic dilutions , the substances contained in this drug are not known to be toxic during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, do not use without the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.
Chew the tablets and let them melt in the mouth.

Usual dosage:

2 or 3 tablets, 2 times a day.

LEXICON (summary)

Name given to an association of several homeopathic remedies. In general, the dilutions used are low: from 3 DH (Hahnemannian decimal) to 6 CH (Hahnemannian centesimal).

homeopathic dilutions
Dilution of an active substance obeying homeopathic rules. The solution obtained after several successive dilutions contains only a small quantity of the active substance initially present. The properties of a homeopathic remedy are closely related to their dynamization (agitation of the solution between each dilution). Units that express homeopathic dilutions are: DH, CH and K (korsakovian).

homeopathic treatment
Treatment based on the administration of highly diluted substances of vegetable, animal or mineral origin. The main principles of homeopathy are the similarity (use of substances producing effects similar to the symptom of the disease), the infinitesimal dilution (the substances used are the subject of multiple dilutions) and the globality (the treatment target does not). is not an organ in particular, but the individual as a whole).

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