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Dry Cough medicine Online Pharmacy 

Dry Cough medicine Pharmacy Online: Order your medicines to treat your dry cough in your bio online pharmacy.


Dry cough is an irritant cough that is not accompanied by any sputum and can have many causes. Several solutions can cure a dry cough in adults ... Cough suppressants are usually in syrup form and sometimes in the form of tablets or chewing gum. They are indicated in cases of irritative and dry cough. By acting on the cough control center located in the medulla of the brain, they abolish the cough reflex. So if misused, especially in case of cough, they can be harmful and cause bronchial congestion. The challenge is to identify drug antitussive (which usually includes several active ingredients).

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It also exsite natural remedies against cough as the essential oil against dry cough, and the cough homeopathy .  


It is therefore recommended:

  • To read the composition on the instructions for use;
  • To avoid a drug combining the active ingredients cough suppressants and mucolytics (which, on the contrary, promote cough) and ask if needed the advice of your pharmacist.

No medicine will be delivered outside French territory. Only available at the pharmacy in Perpignan (France).

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