Santarome Griffonia Rhodiola 20 phials 10ml

Santarome Griffonia Rhodiola 20 phials 10ml

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Santarome Griffonia Rhodiola 20 ampoules 10ml in our organic pharmacy, Give your opinion on how to use and dosage with our partner Verified opinions after your purchase.

What is Santarome Griffonia Rhodiola used for?

Santarome's Griffonia Rhodiola ampoules are a liquid dietary supplement made from a blend of organic plants and buds. This complex is designed to :

This product features a unique formula combining Griffonia, a source of 5-HTP, and Rhodiola, in a single ampoule. Griffonia plays a crucial role in regulating the nervous system, optimizing brain function. 5-HTP, derived from Griffonia, metamorphoses into serotonin in the body, essential for balancing the central nervous system. A serotonin deficiency can lead to low morale, fluctuating moods, night-time awakenings and a craving for sugar. Rhodiola's anti-fatigue properties help combat stress by boosting the immune system. It also stimulates concentration and attention, and enhances memory and intellectual adaptability. It may also play a positive role in managing blood sugar levels and preventing pre-diabetic conditions. As an adaptogenic plant, Rhodiola enhances the body's ability to cope with stress and exhaustion, as do other plants such as ginseng.

The formula is also enriched with selected buds such asHawthorn, which has a cardiovascular effect, regulates blood pressure and is a preferred choice for heart rhythm disorders. It also acts on the nervous system, offering invaluable help in managing stress, acting as a natural sedative. It is effective against anxiety disorders manifested by palpitations and excessive sweating, acting as a natural anxiolytic. Fig tree has a soothing action, ideal for calming anxiety, stressful situations and sleep disorders. It is useful for various nervous disorders such as spasmophilia, epilepsy and neuralgia. It is also an effective remedy for stage fright and fears, particularly in children.

Santarome's Griffonia Rhodiola ampoules offer a natural solution to support mental balance, stress management and sleep quality, thanks to a synergy of plants and buds with beneficial properties for the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

How to use Santarome Griffonia Rhodiola phials?

1 phial per day, diluted in a large glass of water (20 cl), to be taken for 20 days. Repeat if necessary.

  • Shake ampoule before use
  • Break off the tip of the ampoule with a tissue
  • Pour the contents of the ampoule into a glass, breaking off the second tip
  • Add 20 cl of water before taking.

Give your opinion on the instructions for use and dosage of Santarome Griffonia Rhodiola Bio 20 ampoules 10 ml with our partner Verified opinions after your purchase.

Precaution of use

  • The presence of a slight deposit due to the use of plants is natural and does not call into question the quality of the dietary supplement.
  • Store away from light at a temperature below 25°C.
  • This dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.
  • Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, or for people taking antidepressants.

What does it contain?

Purified water, dry extract of Griffonia (Griffonia simplicifolia (DC) Baill.) titrated in 5-HTP, glycerol macerate of two-styled hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata (Poir.) DC.), Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur L.) leaf bud glycerol macerate, Fig tree (Ficus carica L.) bud glycerol macerate, Rhodiola (Sedum roseum (L.) Scop.) dry extract.

Ingredients per phial Extract (mg per phial) Dry plant equivalent (mg per phial)
Griffonia extract (seed) 167 mg 668 mg
of which 5-HTP 50 mg
Hawthorn macerate 50 mg
Oak macerate 50 mg
Fig tree macerate 50 mg
Rhodiola extract (root) 25 mg Rhodiola 100 mg

Presentation - Packaging

Griffonia Rhodiola ampoules come in boxes of 20 x 10 ml ampoules.

Our advice and expert opinions in pharmacy

  • Zoom on Rhodiola: Plant of resistance and adaptation

Rhodiola is also known as "rose hip", "golden root" or "tundra ginseng". Its name derives from the subtle rose scent given off by the cut rhizomes. Its rhizome has been used for centuries to boost stamina, treat nervous disorders and combat fatigue. In traditional medicine, rhodiola was also used for its tonic virtues and to combat various infections.

Rhodiola rhizome is distinguished by its action on numerous systems: it protects the liver and heart, modulates immnunity, regulates certain hormones, inhibits the development of cancers and additive behaviours, improves physical performance and has a positive effect on the central nervous system.

Rhodiola particularly enhances intellectual capacity, promotes adaptation by limiting the effects of stress, and protects against neurodegenerative pathologies. It also acts as an antidepressant and anxiolytic, reduces fatigue and improves adaptation to physical exertion.

  • Focus on Griffonia: a plant for mood and behavior disorders

Consumed as a vegetable in West Africa, Griffonia is also used in traditional medicine. The leaves are used to eliminate lice, while the roots and stems are used as chewing sticks. Westerners have been interested in this plant since the 1970s, for its seeds, which contain a high level of 5-hydroxy-tryptophan (5-HTP), a precursor of serotonin.

Griffonia seeds are particularly rich in 5-HTP, the molecule responsible for serotonin, the hormone that regulates stress, eating and sleeping. Griffonia has anti-depressant, anti-migraine and satiety-enhancing properties.

It also increases REM sleep duration. Griffonia also helps reduce the pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Our doctors of pharmacy advise you

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