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Essential oil BIO Pistacia lentiscus Mastic PRANAROM

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Essential oil BIO Pistacia lentiscus Mastic PRANAROM

Aromatic molecules: Myrcene, pinene
Distilled part: branch

Bio means "from organic agriculture" (Control Certisys-BE1)

Traditionally known for its properties:

Venous decongestant - Lymphatic Decongestant - prostate decongestant - Antispasmodic

Traditional use:

Varicose veins and tired legs - Congestion and venous stasis - external and internal hemorrhoids, trombophlébite, pressure sores, bed sores - Cardiovascular disorders - Rheumatic endocarditis - aerophagia, flatulence, gastric ulcer, spastic colitis, diabetes, - Sinusitis (decongestant) - Prostatitis , congestion and prostatic adenomas


External use:

- In local junctions: 5 to 10 drops morning and evening, diluted in a vegetable oil
- Synergies with: Melaleuca (venous decongestant) - Immortal (blood thinner) - Cypress (venous tonic)


The skin and rectal routes (suppositories) are most appropriate. Always make sure to dilute 50% vegetable oil. Even so must be limited to localized and time-limited applications.

Special precautions:
2 drops, 3 times a day on a neutre.Tenir carrier out of reach of young children.This product can not replace a diet équilibré.Ne not exceed the dose conseillée.Sauf authorized advice, do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and children under 3 ans.Conserver away from sources of heat and light.


When incise the bark of mastic, the resin flows is called lastic (hence its nickname "mastic tree"). It is currently the treatment of choice in cases of stomach ulcer. The seed looks like our well-known pistachio, but too small to be consumed. The essential oil of mastic is smooth or slightly viscous, greenish-brown color. It is expensive becaufe yields are low: 100kg mastic provide only 15-25 ml of essential oil.

All essential oils are certified AB (Agriculture Biologique and Control Certisys BE-BIO-01), 100% pure, natural and intégrale.Chacune presents an original name, HECT (Chemotype essential oil) for characterizing a point botany and biochemically.

Warning: essential oils are endowed with an impressive reactive power. Therefore scrupulously observe the prescribed doses, they are the result of a long research experience. An excess would bring nothing more therapeutically but could, instead, cause adverse effects.

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