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This kit, designed for addicted smokers to very dependent pellet is composed of a tube: Lobelia inflata 5C, Nux 5C, Argentum nit 9C, Caladium 5C, Gelsemium 9C.

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Used for : tabagisme, arrêter de fumer

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Homeopathic pack to naturally stop smoking tobacco

Because it is not always easy to quit smoking cigarettes, help is sometimes needed. Effective smoking cessation methods are available at pharmacies and appropriate for your state of tobacco dependence . Homeopathy is one of them.

This kit is intended for addicted to very addicted smokers.

Properties of the homeopathic kit to quit smoking

homeopathic kit against tobacco

  • NUX VOMICA 5CH : to promote the elimination of toxins. It is well suited to stressed and overworked subjects, turned towards stimulants: tea, coffee, tobacco and often alcohol.
  • ARGENTUM NITRICUM 9CH : to decondition the smoker and prevent him from compensating with sweets. For a subject with a nervous temperament, always on the move, always in a hurry, it is an essential basic remedy for the tobacco addict.
  • CALADIUM 5CH : to relieve disorders related to smoking cessation
  • LOBELIA INFLATA 5CH : to quench tobacco, and help with addiction. This remedy more readily treats the effects of long-term smoking : memory problems, chronic cough, sexual difficulties in heavy smokers. Associated with the previous remedies, it will have a deterrent effect on smoking.
  • GELSEMIUM 9CH : to soothe nervousness and calm changing moods in cases of anxiety and anxiety related to withdrawal.

Directions for use to quit cigarettes

Lobelia inflata 5CH: 5 granules for each desire to smoke .

It is important to let the granules slowly melt under the tongue. Do not swallow or chew them.

Nux vomica 5CH, Argentum nitricum 9CH, Caladium 5CH and Gelsemium 9CH: 3 granules each 2 to 3 times a day, on an empty stomach (30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after), depending on the severity of the tobacco addiction and the number of cigarettes smoked before making the decision to quit.

For smokers highly dependent on tobacco , nicotine and cigarettes, we recommend combining natural methods (homeopathy, herbal medicine) with nicotine substitutes for a minimum of 3 months.

Nicotine substitutes are nicotine-based drugs sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Their effectiveness in the treatment of physical dependence has been widely demonstrated by scientific studies.
When it is sufficiently dosed and prolonged, it reduces the symptoms of nicotine deficiency that the smoker may experience at the start of quitting. There are several forms: patches (patches) of different strengths, chewing gum, lozenges to be allowed to melt or to be sucked, inhaler.

Vitamin C and vitamin E deficiencies in tobacco smokers

Smoking causes a deficiency in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (tocopherol).
Vitamin E and vitamin C are antioxidants, capable of neutralizing free radicals in our body produced during inflammatory processes (smoking, cancer, Alzheimer's disease). Indeed, the free radicals generated by tobacco smoke gradually destroy the alveolar membranes.
Vitamin E (tocopherol) acts synergistically with vitamin C, which explains why the intake of vitamin C significantly reduces the vitamin E deficiency observed in tobacco smokers.
Tobacco smokers are always deficient in vitamin E and vitamin C, it is for these reasons that we recommend food supplements rich in bioavailable natural vitamin C (acerola) and vitamin E.

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