Milk second age 

Milk second age: discover our range of 2nd age milk in your bio pharmacy online

Milk 2nd age, or milk of continuation , is destined to the feeding of the infants from the age of 4 to 6 months. This baby milk accompanies the beginning of the dietary diversification , providing your baby with all the milk supplements he needs.

In recent years, the supply of infant milk has grown considerably, in order to get as close as possible to breast milk. Parents are sometimes lost in this multitude of choices. Every baby milk has its advantages and disadvantages, do not change it anyhow. Your doctor, pediatrician or pharmacist are there to help you and guide you in this choice.

You should know that all these milks are subject to a strict European directive . Industrialists can only vary the proportion of certain constituents according to what they want to privilege.

Tips from your pharmacist according to your baby

- Baby without any particular problem: Classic milk
- Regurgitation: AR milk
- Constipation (milk promoting transit with 100% lactose to make the stool softer or containing prebiotics and probiotics): milk transit
- Insatiable infants (casein rich milk): Satiety milk
- Allergic family area (hypoallergenic): Milk HA
- Cow's milk Protein Allergy (PLV): Rice Protein

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