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Buttons, redness, itching ... In summer, mosquitoes are a real plague for vacationers. It is the saliva of mosquitoes (an anticoagulant helping them to draw blood) that causes these unpleasant itching. There are products to relieve mosquito bites . They are usually based on arnica, boswellia serrata (a natural anti-inflammatory) or calamine.

Find a selection of anti mosquito products to soothe you effectively during the summer.

How to cure a mosquito bite

  • For all insect bites with or without venom (mosquitoes, horseflies or wasps) apply an itch cream containing local anesthetic.
  • Using a soothing gel after sting helps to soothe the epidermis in case of insect bites or stinging plants causing temporary redness and itchy sensations.

In the evening or during the day, to protect against mosquito bites or other stinging insects (ticks, wasps), the use of skin repellents is highly recommended. In addition and especially in risk areas, clothes can also be impregnated with spray or soaking in permethrin. For children before the age of walking, the use of mosquito nets , preferably impregnated on cradles and strollers, remains the most effective method for preventing the bite of these small flying insects that are mosquitoes.

Also find all our tips on our blog with the use of s natural mosquito olution with hydrolate geranium . For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice on our secure form .

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