Biocanina Eco-house Fogger 100ml on sale in our pharmacy bio is a fog generator that can kill insects, mites and spiders in the house.

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    Biocanina ECO-LOGIS FOGGER 100ML


    Description Biocanina Eco-house Fogger 100ml


    Biocanina Eco-house Fogger 100 ml can treat enclosed spaces in contact with animals. It has a powerful and prolonged action against insects (fleas, lice, bedbugs), mites (ticks, chiggers, scabies agents) and spiders. It contains permethrin rapidly kills adult parasites. Methoprene prevents the development and metamorphosis of larvae and female fecundity. The product exerts its immediate action and delayed on control of pest populations.
    In the case of non-enclosed spaces and for repeated action on cushions, niches, etc., using Eco-logis Spray.
    For greater efficiency, treat animals with a parallel anti-parasitic product adapted.


    Directions for use of Eco-home Biocanina Fogger 100ml


    Close doors and windows. Open furniture doors. Cover aquariums and stop ventilation. Keep animals and humans. Place the product onto the center of the room, preferably on a stool and an unfolded newspaper. Press the tab until it gets stuck, and then leave the room, closing the door. Ventilate 3 to 4 hours later. Does not stain. Give a slippery film on smooth surfaces (tile ...). ECO-LOGIS FOGGER treats parts up to 40 m2. If several rooms are infested, use a fogger per room.


    Composition Biocanina Eco-house Fogger 100ml


    Permethrin: 15.44 g / l
    (S) -Methoprene: 0.34 g / l


    Precaution of use


    Do not use Biocanina Eco-house Fogger 100 ml for a use other than that for which the product is intended.
    Contains permethrin which can cause an allergic reaction.
    Do not eat, do not drink and do not smoke during use.
    Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
    Toxic to aquatic organisms and invertebrates.
    Store in the container in a well ventilated area at a temperature of about 20 ° C.
    Do not store below 15 ° C. Flammable.
    Irritating to eyes.
    May cause long-term adverse effects in the environment.
    Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Keep away from any flame or source of spark or ignition.
    Do not breathe vapors.
    If swallowed seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label. Consult the nearest poison control center.
    Use only in well ventilated areas property.


    Introducing Eco-house Biocanina Fogger 100ml


    Mist generator monodose automatic spray 100 ml.

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