Méridol : soin des gencives - hygiène bucco dentaireMéridol : soin des gencives - hygiène bucco dentaire

The Mouthwash MERIDOL perfectly complements brushing people with irritated gums.

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    Description meridol mouth bath 400ml

    If your gums are fragile, plaque can cause inflammation of them and eventually lead to loss of teeth. The MERIDOL Mouthwash helps fight against plaque and its consequences.

    Application advice and opinions on meridol bath mouth fl 400ml

    With Mouthwash MERIDOL, your gums are protected against plaque and remain healthy.

    Once a day, preferably in the evening after brushing, rinse your mouth with the equivalent of a plug (10 ml) for 30 seconds. Do not rinse.
    Not recommended for children under 6 years.
    The MERIDOL Mouthwash contains no alcohol and is recommended for persons with a dental appliance or prosthesis.

    Composition meridol bath mouth fl 400ml

    The MERIDOL Mouthwash contains:

    • The Olafluor and Fluoride Tin
      • This combination of active works by reducing plaque and limiting its reformation. It also works by reducing gum inflammation and bleeding that result.

    Precaution for use with bath meridol mouth fl 400ml

    • Méridol not suitable for children under 6 years.
    • Contains a fluorinated derivative.

    Introducing meridol bath mouth fl 400ml

    Plastic bottle with 400 ml measuring cap. 5.5

    Our expert advice pharmacy

    Méridol acts:

    • helping to reduce plaque
    • limiting the reformation of plaque,
    • helping to reduce the inflammation of the gums
    • promoting the reduction of bleeding.
    • Protecting and regenerating the gingival tissues.

    Méridol mouthwash is alcohol free and ready for daily oral hygiene to supplement brushing teeth daily.
    The unique combination of amine fluoride Olafluor and tin fluoride which enters into its composition inhibits the bacteria that cause gingivitis and thus promotes the restoration of a healthy oral flora. Mouthwash Méridol eliminates residual plaque and inhibits its reformation, which can promote the regeneration of weakened gums.

    Discover the range of Méridol products specifically designed to take care of your gums.

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