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Insect EcranInsect Ecran

INSECT SCREEN Infested area : Adult reference skin repellent, containing 50% DEET. Provides 8 hours of continuous protection

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    INSECT-SCREEN Infested area

    Insect Spray-Repellant Spray Infected Zones, for a protection adapted to any place.

    Insect-Ecran Zones Infected is a powerful repellent for areas where insects proliferate: forest, lake edges, rivers, marshes ...

    Effective against all mosquito species, it also repels ticks, chiggers, flies, fleas and bugs.

    It is used from the age of 12 and complies with the recommendations of the health authorities.

    Description of insect screen Infested area

    Reference Adult Skin Repellent, Containing 50% DEET

    Provides 8 hours continuous protection against:

    - Mosquitoes Anopheles (malaria), Aedes (yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya ...), Culex (Japanese encephalitis, West Nile, lymphatic filariasis ...)

    - Tsetse fly (sleeping sickness), black flies (onchocerciasis), sand flies (leishmaniasis), ticks (Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis ...), bedbugs (Chagas disease), and also Culex pipiens, chiggers, fleas ... that ruin holidays.

    Advice for use and reviews on insect screen infested area

    Use: from 12 years old.

    Apply generously to the skin, renewing if necessary every 5 hours but not exceeding 1 application per day between 6 months and 18 months, 2 applications per day between 18 months and 12 years and 3 applications per day from 12 years.

    For optimal protection also use Insect-Screen Spray Clothing.

    Insect presentation Infected area

    Packaging: Spray of 100 ml (allows a use for 20 days on the exposed parts of the body). The use of the protective clothing product (Insect Screen spray or dipping clothes) is highly recommended to provide overall protection against punctures through clothing or the hanging of ticks, fleas, bugs ...)

    Advantages: reference of adult mosquito protection. Insect Screen Infested area adult: best price / quality ratio of the market to the ml of product.

    Spray 100 ml, Weight: 120 gr

    Insect Screen

    Insect Ecran is today the leader in pharmacy repellents *. Insect Ecran offers the best assets, at the best concentrations **, suitable for all uses. Our products follow the recommendations of the leading authorities in parasitology and health authorities. Our range is also prescribed in the International Vaccination Centers.

    Insect Screen protects against pitting in France and abroad, thanks to the double skin and skin protection.

    Protect yourself from mosquito bites this summer

    Ah, summer, his long nights, his warmth ... And his mosquito bites . Each year, these insects wait patiently for the end of the season to get out of their hibernation.
    These blood suckers love our bare skin. In addition to the dangerous viruses they peddle (zika, dengue, chikungunya), they cause itching and inflammation .
    This unpleasant noise: this small buzzing in the ear announcing (too late) that we have just been bitten by a mosquito thirsty for blood! And hop ! The damage is done, a small red button appeared and the itching will quickly take over! To avoid this inconvenience, several solutions exist. Find a selection of anti mosquito products to effectively protect you from mosquitoes


    How to choose your mosquito spray

    Repellents to be applied to the skin are particularly suitable means of protection when traveling or in outdoor areas. They protect areas not covered by clothing. Anti-mosquito sprays based on DEET , a chemical active created by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1942, provide lasting protection (about 10 hours) and reliable. Their mode of action makes it possible to blur the olfactory receptors of mosquitoes, which are no longer able to recognize the smell of human skin. They can be combined with dipping lotions for clothing, also based on DEET. Chemical repellents can be used in infants and pregnant women at lower concentrations (around 20% to 30%).

    Anti-mosquito repellents

    Mosquito spray repellents can quickly cover a large area of skin but in return they increase the risk of accidental dispersion in the eyes or on the mucous membranes. This is a point on which the adult will take particular care when applying the repellent to a child.

    Mosquito nets

    Mosquito nets impregnated with repellent lotion block the passage of insects thanks to very fine mesh. They are installed in front of openings such as French windows, bay windows and windows. It is also possible to hang them around a bed or a cradle, for peaceful nights.

    Anti-mosquito essential oils

    Anti-mosquito essential oils are natural solutions to keep mosquitoes away. They can be used by people who do not want to use chemical repellents or who are allergic to DEET. Essential oils of tea tree , geranium and lemongrass are considered the most effective. They can be diffused into the surrounding air or applied directly to the skin after being mixed with vegetable oil.

    Anti-mosquito bracelets

    Anti-mosquito bracelets follow you everywhere.Very practical , they are intended for all those who do not appreciate the application of anti-mosquito lotions on their body. The bracelets are worn directly on the wrist or ankle . The wafer, formulated with essential oilsdiffuses its active principles.

    Anti-mosquito devices and repellents based on natural ingredients can be used at any age and by pregnant women.

    The anti mosquito roll on

    The roll-on anti-moustqiues allowatopicalanti-mosquitoprotectionbased on essential oils which offers a reinforced protection of 5 hours. The anti-mosquito in a roll on allows an easy and precise application on the body and the face, without having to spread.

    Also find all our tips on our blog with the use of s natural mosquito olution with hydrolate geranium . For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice on our secure form.

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