Neutrogena Antiperspirant Foot Deodorant 150ml

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Neutrogena Antiperspirant Foot Deodorant 150ml in our pharmacy bio, Comment on tips for use and dosage with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

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Used for : pieds, transpiration, mauvaises odeurs, déodorant, anti transpirant

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    Neutrogena Antiperspirant Foot Deodorant 150ml

    It regulates the abundant perspiration , limits the sensation of humidity while respecting the natural process of sweating, and reduces the bacterial proliferation responsible for the bad smells . It absorbs the moisture in your feet perfectly and lets your skin breathe perfectly. The feet find their freshness , without any unpleasant odor.

    Description Neutrogena Antiperspirant Foot Deodorant 150ml

    Neutrogena Antiperspirant Foot Deodorant 150ml is ideal in case of excessive sweating , bad smells, itching, sensations of irritation, warmings in the feet.
    This dry spray, effective up to 24 hours, contains several recognized active ingredients that regulate perspiration and reduce odors, while allowing the skin to breathe.
    It dries quickly and has a powder-like effect that absorbs moisture for dry, healthy, odor-free feet.

    Advice for use and dosage

    Spray before putting on your shoes, insisting on the soles of your feet and between your toes.

    Comment on the tips for use and dosage of Neutrogena Antiperspirant Foot Deodorant 150ml with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.


    Isobutane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Cyclohexasiloxane, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Farnesol.

    Precaution of use

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Introducing Neutrogena Antiperspirant Foot Deodorant 150ml

    Neutrogena comes in the form of 150 ml spray.

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    Fight against sweaty feet

    If sweating is a natural physiological phenomenon, excessive sweating is often the source of discomfort. In medicine, excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. It can affect different areas of the body, including the feet, especially at the soles of the feet and between the toes. Specifically, plantar hyperhidrosis occurs when it occurs on the soles of the feet.
    Hyperhidrosis is often accompanied by bromhidrosis. The secreted sweat is then particularly smelly and is often located in the armpits or the soles of the feet. A phenomenon difficult to stop at the feet due to maceration in socks and shoes.
    Often neglected, we do not take the time or we do not think to take care of our precious feet. Watch the condition of your feet from time to time and treat them if you notice that there is sweat damage such as blisters or fungal infections. The foot bath is strongly recommended, it is an excellent solution against excessive sweating. There are a multitude of grandmother's recipes, such as a black tea footbath, or cider vinegar and salt. You can do it every day if need knowing that this moment will allow you to relax after a big day of work.

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