Thera-Neck Shoulders PEARL hot-cold compress


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Thera-Neck Shoulders PEARL hot-cold compress

Relieve tension in your neck (torticollis) and your shoulders

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Used for : sprain, strain, stiffness, tendinitis, arthritis, lumbago, elongation, torticollis

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    Thera-Neck Shoulders PEARL hot-cold compress

    Improper posture and excessive stress can cause stiffness and pain in your shoulders and neck. Rather than using an expensive massage, place the soft pad for neck THERA ° PEARL on your sore muscles.

    Description Thera Pearl Shoulder-Neck

    You will be amazed (e) to note the speed with which his therapy hot or cold relieves tension.
    The back off the pad and its long sides cover your neck and shoulders simultaneously twice in relief. Twist it in any position even when it is frozen! It's so light and comfortable that you can wear even under a shirt or sweater.

    Directions for use of Thera Pearl Shoulder-Neck

    Put it to cool in the refrigerator or freezer, or drag it into the microwave. The pad retains its therapeutic temperature for a good 20 minutes. Relieve pain with analgesic cold, or soothe stiffness with its penetrating heat. Your neck and shoulders will thank you.

    Composition Thera Pearl Shoulder-Neck

    THERA ° PEARL is a non-drug method developed by doctors to relieve pain and inflammation. Compresses THERA ° PEARL Pearl ™ use innovative technology that absorbs and releases heat and cold for 20 minutes (recommended by doctors duration) during this highly effective therapy. Their dual action provides a dual therapeutic value in one pad: start with ice to reduce swelling blues and then proceed to heat for pain relief in more depth.

    Caution for Thera Pearl Shoulder-Neck

    Doctors recommend applying the sleeve THERA ° PEARL on the skin for 20 minutes. Remove it and wait at least 20 minutes. Reapply the sleeve for 20 minutes if necessary.

    HEAT THERAPY - Pass the microwave for the time indicated below and test the temperature of the pad. If necessary, reheat for another 5 seconds until the desired temperature.

    700 W microwave - 20 seconds
    1000 W microwave - 25 seconds
    1250 W microwave - 30 seconds
    COLD THERAPY - Freeze for at least 2 hours.

    Introducing Thera Pearl Shoulder-Neck

    Transmission of an Thera Pearl Shoulder-Neck device

    Our expert advice pharmacy

    Our Compress for Neck is ideal for:

    stiff neck
    painful shoulders
    pain of the spine and more

    When should I use Thera Pearl Shoulder-Neck?

    After training / physical activity
    Sprains / Blues / Swelling
    Minor burns and sunburn

    Before training / physical activity
    Stiffness and joint pain
    Constant pain
    Pain and muscle spasms

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