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Biolife Chrome Cr Complex 90 Capsules in the drugstore organic Reduces the need for sugar - involved in the regulation of insulin levels

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Chromium is a mineral whose presence in the body, although very discreet, is not less essential. Indeed, it contributes to proper metabolism of macronutrients, that is to say in particular, lipids, carbohydrates and proteins, no less! Chromium is particularly appreciated for its support for the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels. In other words, it helps digestion of sugars, which enables more efficient processing of glucose, super energy fuel our bodies ... while promoting the reduction of sweet cravings.

Description Biolife Chrome Cr Complex 90 Capsules

Chrome for better digestion of sugars. Chromium helps to maintain good blood sugar.

BioLife Chrome Cr Complex 90 Capsules is Recommended if:

Fight against fatigue, Manques carbohydrate, lack of energy, poor diets in sugar (appetite suppressant effect), Cholesterol

Weakness of memory due to age, Certain genes of sight, Overweight

Biolife use of Council Chrome Cr Complex 90 Capsules

1 capsule per day during meals at the following medical advice

Chromium is virtually indigestible as its inorganic form, and must be provided by our diet because we do not have the capacity to realize ourselves synthesis.

Yet the evils of agribusiness distort food by refining, which depletes vitamins, minerals and trace elements, so Chrome. To take the example of chromium, there are trace amounts (but sufficient) in the outer protein base of whole grains but none left at all in white flour, white bread, white pasta.

To receive sufficient dietary intake of trace elements, you need to consume unrefined and organic products. The rich chrome foods are broccoli, green beans, whole grains, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, asparagus. Brewer's yeast, wheat germ and pollen (not to mention the Quinton Plasma containing him, all trace elements) are very filled.

Biolife composition Chrome Cr Complex 90 Capsules

Active components: Chromium picolinate 0.5 mg, 16 mg Vitamin B3, Vitamin B2 1.6 mg

Without addition of lactose, sucrose, starch, salt. Does not contain gluten or yeast.

Biolife use caution Chrome Cr Complex 90 Capsules

The dry and keep out of the sun, at an ideal temperature between 15-25 ° C.

Respect the recommended daily doses.

Caution can not replace a healthy and balanced diet.

Introducing Biolife Chrome Cr Complex 90 Capsules

Jar (in biodegradable and recyclable cardboard, recyclable plastic lid) 90 capsules.

Our Pharmacy expert advice

The urinary excretion of chromium (and lower ensuing mobilized in stocks) increases in certain circumstances: permanent stress, chronic fatigue, infectious diseases, alcohol abuse, use of diuretics, intense and prolonged exercise. In these situations, a chromium supplementation is necessary. Not to mention the first people affected by the intake of chromium: diabetics

Bio-Life is installed company in Belgium and specializes in the development of natural food supplements and herbal extracts for welfare. Bio-Life became REFERENCE orthomolecular nutrition and eumétabolique in Europe. Range distributed as the be-Life®. Bio-life develops all its products in environmental and qualitative approach. The health and well-being for all in respect for people and the environment are at the heart of ethics Bio-Life. Raw materials are carefully selected, manufacture of high-tech products are tested and Bio-Life guarantees maximum efficiency.

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Our laboratory manufacturer shall ensure the traceability of Be-Life products and carries out checks throughout the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products. These raw materials are not subject to any genetic manipulation. When selecting our producers and suppliers, we provide also always great attention to quality and respect for the environment by favoring, for example, plants from organic farming. In addition, our products undergo regular monitoring of bodies delivering labels of quality and respect for the environment. These checks are carried out by independent laboratories. The products of the Be-Life range and display different labels that guarantee biological, biodynamic origin, non-GMO contamination, sustainable development, controlled harvesting and fishing, respect for the environment, Fair trade, …

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