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BEPANTHEN 5% Ointment 100 grams BAYER is a nonprescription medicine indicated for the treatment of diaper rash of infants, babies and children

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This product is a non-prescription drug, please consult the instructions before ordering online.

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For warnings, precautions for use and against-indications, please refer to the user manual.

It is indicated in the treatment of skin irritation, especially in case of diaper dermatitis (red buttocks) in infants.

Apply lightly massaging a few times a day

Diaper rash: adopt good habits

During the first year of life, few children escape the "red ass" or diaper rash. Friction layer, maceration, too spaced exchange ... all factors that contribute to the occurrence of this admittedly mild irritation but quickly annoying for the baby and his mother.

Bepanthen with ointment, discover here the right moves and good habits that will soothe your little red skins.

In practice, apply ointment Bepanthen lightly massaging each change your baby at the first sign of irritation of the seat.

The creamy texture of Bepanthen Ointment allows easy application.

Bepanthen Ointment does not stick, and can thus be cleaned without difficulty.

Bepanthen ointment does not mask irritated areas after application, allowing proper monitoring of their treatment.

Do not forget to change your child regularly, especially after bowel movements, to prevent recurrence of diaper rash.

Bepanthen Ointment is indicated for the treatment of skin irritations, especially in case of diaper rash (red buttocks).
Effective at the first sign of diaper rash ointment Bepanthen has an exclusive formula perfectly suited to the delicate skin of babies.

Bepanthen Ointment can repair, soothe and protect irritated buttocks of babies, while leaving the skin breathe to prevent maceration.

The skin of your baby is fragile, and this for several reasons:

* It may be more permeable to foreign substances and sunlight, because of a report BSA / higher weight.
* Abnormalities of sweating during the first months of life can influence the regulation of the internal temperature.
* The skin surface of your child is very large relative to its weight. Thus, the substances you use for care can be found in high concentrations in his body. Only appropriate care for pediatric use are recommended. Avoid exposing a child to sunlight.

Bepanthen ointment is adapted to the characteristics of the skin of your baby. You can use one to several times per day, especially during the exchange.

Bepanthen Ointment is a suitable solution that contains:

* An active healing: the dexpanthenol (or provitamin B5), which provides the necessary elements for the regeneration of the skin.
* A fat phase comprising an excipient, the Protegin X, which protects the buttocks of baby from external aggressions (urine, feces, friction).

In cells, the Dexpanthenol is rapidly transformed into pantothenic acid, which plays a key role as a component of coenzyme A. In the cellular repair process, it promotes cell regeneration and repair of the skin epithelium.

Bepanthen Ointment, a semi occlusive consistency, also breathable baby skin. Too occlusive ointments may cause maceration phenomena exacerbating the irritation of the seat of your baby. With its specific formula, Bepanthen Ointment lets skin breathe your baby, thus promoting skin repair.

Bepanthen Ointment is an original formula suited to the delicate skin of babies.

What Bepanthen Ointment?

Bepanthen Ointment is indicated for the treatment of skin irritations, especially in case of diaper rash (red buttocks).

Bepanthen Ointment contains 5% dexpanthenol.

An ointment consists mainly of fats (water in oil emulsion is spoken). The ointment is generally used on wet lesions.

What are the cons-indications to using Bepanthen ® Ointment?

Bepanthen ® Ointment should not be used in case of infected and oozing skin diseases or in patients with known hypersensitivity to any component.

Bepanthen 5% dexpanthenol ointment SKIN PROTECTOR.

Therapeutic indications

It is indicated in the treatment of skin irritation, especially in case of diaper dermatitis (red buttocks) in infants.

WHAT INFORMATION BEFORE USE Bepanthen 5% ointment?



Never use Bepanthen 5% ointment in the following cases:
• History of hypersensitivity to any component.

· Infected dermatosis or oozing.


Precautions; special warnings

Be careful with Bepanthen 5% ointment: Special warnings
This medicine contains lanolin (wool fat) and can cause skin reactions (eg eczema).

· Avoid contact with eyes, it could be irritating.

If no improvement beyond 5 days and despite the strict application of health education advice, consult a doctor or consult a pharmacist.

Use during pregnancy and lactation in the ointment Bepanthene

Pregnancy and breast feeding

This drug should be used with caution during pregnancy and lactation. In nursing women, when applied on the breasts, clean the skin before each feeding.
In general, it should seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine.

HOW Bepanthen 5% ointment?

Instructions for proper use

Dosage, Mode and / or route (s) of administration, frequency of administration and Duration of treatment

Gently massage a few times a day.
Method and route of administration


STORING Bepanthen ointment?

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Expiration date

Do not use Bepanthen 5% ointment after the expiry date stated on the packaging.

Storage conditions

Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.
If necessary, warning against certain visible signs of deterioration

Bepanthen that contains 5% ointment?

The active substance is:
Dexpanthenol 5.0 g
100 g of ointment.
The other ingredients are: Protegin X, petrolatum, wool fat, white beeswax, almond oil cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, purified water.
Pharmaceutical form and contents

What Bepanthen ointment and contents of the pack

This drug is in the form of ointment.
Tube 3.5 g, 30 g, 80 g or 100 g.


Skin irritations correspond to an alteration of the natural protective barrier of the skin causing redness, possibly associated with skin peeling or cracks. They are due to the action of irritants such as cold, mechanical friction, chemicals, ...
Diaper rash is a skin irritation in the areas covered by the layers. The skin is red and then crack.
"How to prevent diaper rash? "

To prevent diaper rash, keep the buttocks clean, dry and cool.
Change often your baby's diaper and let her buttocks to air as much as possible. This allows the skin to dry.
At each diaper change, although clean your baby's bottom with warm (but not hot) without forgetting the small folds.
Let dry buttocks before putting another layer, preferably in the open air or with a clean absorbent towel without rubbing to avoid the risk of irritation.
"What if diaper rash? "
Avoid too tight adjust the layers to let "breathe" the skin of your baby.
Let your baby without a diaper as much as possible. Fresh air dries the irritated skin moist and promotes healing of the rash.
Applying a protective and restorative ointment on the child's buttocks after each change.

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